Making my dream come true…


vintage dress forms at the adored vintage studio:

I’ve been collecting dress forms for some time now.  A good source is flea markets, these treasures are becoming harder and harder to find, since they are art all by themselves.  The reason I began acquiring these dress forms is because I always knew some day I would need them to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion designer.  With a well made dress form you can make all your designs come to life.  I have always had an affinity to Wolf Dress Forms, they are a main staple in the fashion industry….I always want the best of everything 😉

Being OCD can be beneficial when it comes to pursuing ones dream.  Meaning, acquiring the tools necessary to make your dream come true and picking up those important items before the commencement begins.  I’ve always been one who thinks ahead, I may not always act on it, but my mind is always looking for things that I will inevitably need once that perfect time presents itself and the vision begins.

So for all you dreamers, keep dreaming and remember when you come across something that you love and know will be useful in your dream….GO FOR IT.  I mean life is short and also remember NEVER, NEVER, NEVER LOSE HOPE 🙂

© Pemberton Mackey 2017

Get the molasses outcha a…

Although I’ve worked hard all my life, since my move to my new home and getting introduced to my surroundings, I have been far to “lax” and have taken much too much time off.  It’s time to get motivated and start this new venture I have only dreamed of all my life.  Bring on this happy journey….I’m ready!

Vintage dress forms at Adored Vintage:

First things first, get my designing space organized.  As I set up the necessities that are required, I realize I’m void of some very important props.  My large designing table is primarily for laying out my fabric and cutting.  I have my dress forms for proper fit but what’s missing is a place for doing my paperwork (YUKKO!!!).  I do love to design but I really frown upon doing the very important paperwork.  Even when I worked as a boutique store manager, it was definitely my least favorite responsibility.  But since I am the CEO and janitor of this venture, I have to be flexible and make myself perform some duties that I’m a fan of…paperwork!  You’d think I would love the paperwork aspect, although I do love to make lists on paper, that’s about as far as my love for paperwork goes.  I do intend to take a class on how to maneuver the social media arena that has overtaken this world.  For today, I will arrange my work space to reflect organization, flow, style and functionality.  All that will take up my entire day.  Tomorrow I will begin looking for a work-station for my administrative duties.

And I’m off!!!…wish me luck 😉

© Pemberton Mackey 2017


A fashionista is born…


As a new year approaches, I reminisce about my past and how fast the time is passing.  My thoughts go directly to my upbringing.  Having a fashion model as a mother made for a somewhat unconventional childhood.  Although, Lex did an outstanding job being a loving and involved mother, while holding down a demanding career.  My mother never demanded her daughters love fashion as much as she did, it just came naturally to us.  Both my sister and I love fashion and it plays a huge part in both our lives.  Ashley is more of a “bling babe”.  She and her husband travel the world and Ashley spends big bucks on couture fashions and drapes herself in precious gems.  I, on the other hand love fashion just as much as Lex and Ash but my taste is much more subdued, funky and simple. Ever since I can remember when mother would take me and Ash to her biggest modeling account (Dayton’s Department Store),  I would always sneak into the men’s department to feel the incredible suits made from luxurious textiles and study the simple lines of men’s wear which fascinates me today as much as ever.

By Yves Saint Laurent, from "L'Amour Fou." Via #missmoss:


Celine Resort 2017 by Talia Chetrit:

simply aesthetic | @andwhatelse:

Abercrombie Fitch A-92 Military Faded Green Cargo Pant Men M 33 x 31 Button 2834 #AbercrombieFitch #CargoPants:


My closet is filled with men’s wear inspired suits and even lots of purchases directly from the men’s department or men’s stores.  In my humble opinion, there is nothing more sexy than a hint of masculinity in a women’s wardrobe 😉  One of my favorite men’s stores I frequent are Gap and Abercrombie for those fabulous linen and cotton button down shirts and rough and tumble military inspired cargo pants that always gets me noticed 🙂

© Pemberton Mackey 2016


A nice day to be normal…



As I sink back into my normal life after a trip of a lifetime, I revel in my simple lifestyle that fits me to a tee.  I sit on my gushy sofa sipping my coffee while Jax snugs into me like a summer tick!  I finally feel like everything is as it should be, meaning I’m home with my baby and I feel normal.  While in Paris, I felt like I was somewhat awkward, like I was floating in a bubble looking at myself while I was experiencing beautiful new things in a fantasy wonderland, it was very surreal, almost like I dreamed it instead of actually living it.  A smile comes to my face and I think to myself, someday I would love to go back and be a part of the world’s best fashion week… that would be fabulous!

via @fjordtimepieces on Instagram

Time to restock my kitchen with food and make a trip to Ulta for Clarisonic heads and to see the new lip colors that calling my name.  As I throw on a yummy warm wool coat and a bag that can hold my small purchases today… I go!

As I make my “normal” errands, I include some unintended stops, one of them is Southdale.  I haven’t been to my favorite “dale” in a long time.  I feel I must reintroduce myself 😉  As I leave with a couple of bags of purchases I smile as the memories of Southdale come rushing back to me like a tidal wave.  I find myself being thankful for being able to still visit the very important places that made such an impact on my life.

Lastly to the “normal” grocery store…as I enter Lund’s I still have the smile on my face that Southdale made possible.  I grab a cart and make my way to the produce section.  Suddenly, I am greeted by the stranger.  A young man, handsome who resembles a young Keanu Reeves.  “Pardon me, but are you Pemberton?”  I gasp and reply “ah, yah”.  He smiles and extends his hand and tells me he is Tristin, Sutton’s son.  I stumble as my awkwardness takes full control.  “Oh hello!” silence falls and I can’t take my eyes off his bright white smile and tanned skin, I force out the words “how did you know who I am?”.  Tristin laughs softy and tells me his mother showed him some photos on her phone of the art show and adds “looks like you both had a great time”.  “We did”. Again silence fills our perimeter and I can feel a warm flash coming on, so I excuse myself as I smile and tell Tristin how happy I am to meet him and I hope to see him again.  He smiles and grabs my hands and shares “The pleasure is all mine and yes, I hope so too”.  I turn around, before a droplet of sweat runs downs my forehead.  I don’t look back but instead begin loading up my cart with fruit and pretend meeting Tristin didn’t affect me.  After a few minutes I do turn and look behind me to see he is gone.  Thank God, I say to myself and I feel my body temperature returning to normal.  “Why am I such a freak, Lord?”  How can a “normal” trip to the “normal” grocery store turn into the most “un-normal” errand of all???

Beanie coat men Style tumblr:

I get home and unload my purchases while thinking about Tristin and how his appearance doesn’t look lawyer-like, but then I ask myself “what does a lawyer look like these day?”  I smile and I fill up my fridge with fresh veggies and fill up my kitchen counter large bowl with fresh fruits.  As I put Tristin out of my mind, I finally tell myself he’s way too young (to be a prospect for me), isn’t he?, I mean he looks like he’s in his twenties and has a “grunge thing” going on!  I actually prefer an older man with a well scrubbed appearance.  Older men are more secure, wiser and calmer, or at least that’s what I’m looking for….someone close to my father – is that strange???  I grab an orange and take my tablet to the sofa and try to get some work done.

© Pemberton Mackey 2016


Home sweet home & Jax!…

Most days, today being one of many. Down Home alone on a beautiful Saturday with…:


I walk (more like jog) into my parents home and see my little baby walking around the living room unaware I’m at only feet away from him.  I stare at him with utter delight and then he turns and sees me.  Jax jumps into my arms and is licking every part of my face with whimpers of happiness.  I call out for my mom and she peeks from the kitchen and smiles with pure happiness at Jax who is finally in the arms of his mommy!

Mom and I share an hour chatting about Paris as I show her photos on my phone of this majestic trip.  We giggle at Jax who is glued to me like flypaper!  I finally take my baby with me and away we to.  First stop is the pet store for some treats and a new fleece coat for this cold weather.  Once home Jax sniffs at everything to make sure no other 4 legged creature has taken his place.  Finally he feels secure enough to flop into his bed and watch me as I begin to put everything back in its proper place.  The phone rings and it’s my buddy Sutton, she welcomes me back and asks me if I’m up for a short visit.  I smile and tell her to come on over!  With a knock on the door I open the door to see Sutton who is baring a gift of cookies.  Shortbread cookies… fav!!!  I graciously accept the tray of sweet eye candy and give my friend a hug.  She immediately tells me she doesn’t want to stay long, and I share with her that I think I’m still on Paris time.  We visit and she tells me her son is coming for a visit and she would love me to meet him.  I tell her I would be honored to meet him (but in my mind I’m hoping she isn’t trying to make a love connection).  With that Sutton stands and again welcomes me home and goes on to tell me she will let me know when her son comes to town.  I smile and bid her goodnight and thank her for the cookies.

Jax and I snuggle on my gushy sofa as I read my emails and reply while catching up on my favorite social media sites.  We fall asleep in each other arms …….there’s no place like home 🙂

© Pemberton Mackey 2016

Au Revoir Mon Ami…

Paris, France ~ Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel & Tour   Eiffel

This fabulous trip to Paris, France with my dear friend Sachi has been a memory I will cherish for a lifetime.  Sachi is quickly snapping back to the fun, adventurous person I know and love and admire!  She shares with me that the divorce paperwork is done and her husband isn’t fighting anything.  She also shares he told her that he just wants to marry his 20 something year old nanny that broke their marriage.  Sachi is almost giddy with happiness and filled with hope for a new future.  I couldn’t be happier for her 🙂

As we enjoy our favorite brunch on the veranda, we share our favorite highlights of this once in a lifetime trip.  Sachi quickly changes the subject and questions me about my fashion design business.  I tell her that I’ve been “lazy” and I have to get back on track.  Sachi again tells me she is serious about financing my business venture.  I look at Sachi and she is in full business mode.  I smile and thank her for her belief and her desire to help me.  I tell her that we should have a long meeting when we get back about how we can get the wheels on this business going.  She smiles back at me and raises her coffee cup and toasts “Here’s to Pemberton Mackey Designs and may it flourish in the fabulous world of fashion!!”.  “Here, here” I shout as I raise my coffee cup and we clink our cups and wink at each other.


quand j'étais petit... j'ai rêvas de voyager à Paris! donc, je veux voyager à paris bien sûr!!!:

We arrive at the airport and board our plane to return to home sweet home.  Although this trip has been a dream come true, I keep thinking how lovely it will be to sleep in my bed with my baby (Jax)!!!!

© Pemberton Mackey 2016

Palais Garnier, S’il vous plait…

Twilight at Palais Garnier - the Opera House, Paris France. © Brian Jannsen Photography:

When in Paris, you cannot leave without an elegant evening at the ballet.  Sachi has a closet full of glamorous evening gowns and I have ZERO! (I’m not a “glam gal”) Thank goodness she was thoughtful enough to bring a few extra 🙂  An evening at the Palais Garnier requires an outfit that pays homage to the unbelievable surroundings.  Even though Sachi is shorter in stature than I, she did bring a pair of the most fabulous glittery slacks that fit my long legs and I can wear ballet flats….how appropriate!

Elisabetta Franchi Spring 2017 RTW:

I feel like a princess in this fairytale outfit.  Sachi really takes the cake with her chosen Marchesa gown that literally took my breath away…

Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Marchesa:

As we entered the grand entrance of the Palais Garnier, we meld into the mass of beautiful gowns and black tuxedo’s that look like they are dancing slowly in almost a dream state, while they sip their cocktails and glide among one another.  My heart is beating so fast I’m trying to take in everything but can’t believe I don’t look like a little girl at her first trip to a teeny bop concert!  I keep telling myself to act sophisticated and don’t “gawk” but I can’t help myself…this is something I may never see again so I’m going to gawk 😉

What a beautiful evening, as we exit and get into our waiting Mercedes (compliments of Lori), on the ride back to the apartment (I still have a hard time calling that palace an apartment), we share the evening’s highlights.  I thank my friend Sachi for this once in a lifetime experience as a tear comes to my eye.  She gently reaches for my hand and graciously replies “this is just the first of a lifetime of magnificent memories Pem”.  I hug my friend tightly and whisper in her ear…”I love you Sotch”.

© Pemberton Mackey 2016