Sachi = shopping!…


It seems like years since I’ve seen my precious friend, Sachi.  She face timed me while I was sketching and as we caught up on each other’s lives, she invited me to hit a few new boutiques that have opened recently.  I’m game!

I awake with only one thing on my mind….shopping!!!  Shopping for myself is not at all like shopping is for Sachi, she never looks at the price tag, she only buys and buys and buys.  I, unfortunately do not have endless pockets.  And since I am procrastinating my way into the poor house.  I have to pinch my pennies, as best I can.  If I can come home with one gem of a purchase, them I’m thrilled and that one purchase will suffice for me.  Sachi, on the other hand fills her car with so many bags, I really don’t think she even remembers what she purchases…..(lucky girl).  So I decide what to wear for today’s adventure.  Since it’s spring and the weather is beautiful, yet still has a chill in the air, I gravitate towards some super stylish and simple (what else!) items for a day of fun and laughter.

Bold by nature. Vibrant orange branch coral beads in a lavish cluster of seven strands. Grand, hand-stamped sterling silver cross, handmade by Navajo artist Vincent Platero. Made in the USA.: Starting out with one of my favorite Navajo necklaces which always makes a chic statement.  I then choose a pair of comfy distressed jeans, rugged jean jacket and complete this androgynous ensemble with one of my striking hats.  And away I GO…


Sachi pulls up and I jump into her Mercedes and give my “bestie” a big hug and kiss on her cheek.  She cranks the jams and we begin our journey.  Our first stop is a shop in my neighborhood, which is only a few blocks away from my place.  First impression, too blingy for me as Sachi tells me to bare with her, she knows it’s not my style.  I smile and bow down my head and both hands as I allow her to head straight to the jewelry case.  I watch her as she ignores the salesperson and begins instructing her what pieces she wants to try.  I smile and shake my head, then I head over to check out the pants, since I buy most of my pants in the men’s section, I pretend I’m interested.  Nothing catches my eye and as soon as I turn around, Sachi is ready to go with a bag of gems!  That girl can shop faster than anyone I’ve ever known (even my sister, now that’s saying something).  Our next stop is a quaint little espresso cafe for some energy.  We then head to one of my most favorite shopping areas….50th & France 🙂

We both decide to stop at Grethen House first and I know I can always find something absolutely perfect for me.  We enter and I am drawn to the shoe section and see a beautiful pair of Jeffrey Campbell black sandals….I’m hypnotized and immediately ask to try them on.  SOLD.

love Jeffrey Campbell <3: Sachi buys a slammin silk scarf which looks like it came straight from Hermes!  I’m done, I’ve spent my allotted monies on these gorgeous sandals, but I don’t let Sachi know, because I know her all too well and she will then begin to spend tons of money on me and I will not allow her to do that.  So we continue our mission and visit so many shops that I’m pooped….time for a bite to eat.  I tell my friend that I’m treating her to lunch.  She informs me she is on a liquid diet and I turn my head and ask “Seriously?  Satch, you are rail thin! What are you doing dieting???”  She flips her blond locks and says, she will not go over 100 pounds and she’s at 102.  Although I’d look like the walking dead if I weighed so little, but Sachi is 5’2″ and is a size zero.  Honestly, I can’t believe she finds so many clothes that actually fit her.  She tells me she can have smoothies, so we click clack over to the Tropical Smoothie shop for a sweet and healthy treat.

We spend the next hour and Sachi shares me that she thinks she’s found someone special.  I look at her with wide open eyes and ask her why she hasn’t confided in me sooner.  She goes on to tell me that she really didn’t think she was up to beginning a new relationship after her last divorce.  So I move in closer and ask her to tell me everything.  Sachi picks up her phone and shows me a beautiful, much younger man.  I look up at her and ask her how old he is.  She grins shyly and tells me he’s very mature for his age.  I ask again.  Sachi whispers, “he’s 28”.  My mouth gaps open as I await for her next words.  She looks into my eyes and says “please don’t burst my bubble, Pem”.  I smile and tell her “Firstly, I would never do anything to make you sad and secondly, if he makes you happy, then I’m happy”.  Sachi then begins to tell me how they met and what he does for a career and on and on.  I sit back and listen intently and begin to wonder why some women are like magnets for men (like Sachi) and others (like me) are not ;/.  I reach across the table and grab her hands and tell her that I am genuinely so happy for her and I only have positive wishes for her because I love her.  She smiles and tells me that she and “Beau” have plans to take a trip to Mexico next week.  I ask her if she can smuggle me in one of her many suitcases.  We giggle and time to call it a day…..a beautiful, happy, best friend kind of day.

© Pemberton Mackey 2017

I miss Robin Williams…

Robin Williams four Oscar nominations (Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, The Fisher King, and Good Will Hunting) and one win (Best Supporting Actor for Good Will Hunting), Williams was one of the most versatile actors of his time and one of the most successful comedians turned actors ever.    his wacky and instantly memorable roles in films like Mrs. Doubtfire and Hook, Williams' resume reads like a best-of list and separates him from so many other actors of his generation.:

When I heard the horrible news about Robin Williams passing, I felt my eyes tear as I saying to myself “no. no, no, no”.  Even though my love of horror stories, some of my most favorite movies star my hero, Robin Williams.  When I watched The Fisher King for the first time, I was mesmerized by his unbelievable versatile talent.  I love that story and he (along with Jeff Bridges and Mercedes Ruehl) made that one of my most treasured movies of all time.  The scene where Robin is following this clumsy, awkward and perfectly played loner girl (who has stolen his heart) while walking amidst thousands in Grand Central Station and all of a sudden you hear beautiful music and everyone begins waltzing, I actually started to cry.  I was filled with so much emotion of what love will bring to someone and at that moment I fell madly in love with Robin for how he made me feel.  What a tremendous loss we all felt that sad day.  Robin had a brilliant, genius mind and was gifted with tremendous, spontaneous wit and humor.  A true gem.  What this man brought to millions I hope will live within our hearts for the rest of our lives…..RIP Robin.

Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges in 'The Fisher King', 1991 (II):

Go to YouTube and watch and listen to the most wonderful scene of Robin and Amanda Plummer walking among strangers waltzing with each other…’s pure magic…

© Pemberton Mackey 2017

Horror movie tuesday…

It’s new release day today!  And I am wasting no time in adding to my collection a brand new horror flick.  Seriously, if I were ever suspected of slaughtering someone, the investigators would have a field day going through my DVD’s, which are mostly gore, creepy, scary movies that I love love love!  Call me macabre or even a little bit sick to have such a desire to be scared so much I have to sleep with the lights on for a month after watching a super horror film.  In a way, I believe I am an adrenalin freak.  I love rollercoasters, downhill skiing, Halloween, anything to get my heart beating and my breathing exhilarated.  Almost a desire to give me that feeling of being out of control.  Strange because I have panic attacks and my anxiety is usually in the stratusphere.  I think I’m a bit of a puzzle at times.

American Horror Story: I'm on the second season, Asylum, i really miss murder house:

if you want to be scared….I mean really scared… AHS…..muuuhahahahaha!

Now it’s time to curl up on the sofa and watch the latest horror masterpiece.

© Pemberton Mackey 2017

my mom, my mentor, my ideal…

When I think of my mom and how much I adore her for infinite reasons, I am humbled that I was born to such an amazing woman who has kept me on the straight and narrow and embodied me with strength, compassion, independence and style.

When I first saw Lauren Hutton, she immediately reminded me of my mother.  For many reasons but mainly for her style, natural beauty and her love of everything casual or low maintenance.  I believe my dear mum and Lauren are kindred spirits for not following the “trend machine” but more so, creating their own style by following their desire to be true to themselves and never apologizing for it.

lauren hutton casual class:

No wonder my dad is so enamored by his lady, she is loving and shows it.  For mother’s day, my dad surprised her with a trip to Costa Rico.  I can imagine them swimming in the pools of azure blue.  Both my parents have always made time for each other, while I was younger I always remember how affectionate they were (and still are) with each other; holding hands, little pecks on each other’s cheeks, for no apparent reason.  Relationships like my mom and dads are unique for couples who have been together for almost 40 years.  I want to be just like my mom when I get married.  I want to not only tell my husband I love him but most importantly show him how much he means to me.  When I look at them together, I imagine them walking arm in arm as they take a walk.  It’s a miracle what love can do.

The Art of Holding Hands Forever: Pictures of Elderly Couples in Love. This is the promise Josh and I made to one another, we're playing for keeps.:


© Pemberton Mackey 2017

great day for an interview…

I roll out of bed and hop into the shower and wonder what the day will bring.  As I scrub my scalp with my favorite mint shampoo and then scrub my face with Proactiv using my Foreo cleanser to make sure every pore is void of all gunk.  I smile big to inspect my teeth and whisper “ok, time for the white strips again…).  Jax is still in bed while I throw on a simple, yet super cute summer t-shirt dress with tennies and grab some equally cute sunglasses and away I go…

Stripe dress:

As I open my apartment door, I look back at Jax who is still snoozing away and I quietly close the door and leave early enough to stop at a new boutique on my way to the coffee shop to meet my interviewer.

I enter the coffee shop filled with people with their laptops, or conversing with their friends, as I scan the crowd looking for a young girl….hmmm, she must be running late.  I get in line for a cup of adrenalin and someone taps my shoulder.  I turn and am shocked to see a women who looks like she is in her 50’s.  She smiles at me and asks “Pemberton?”.  I smile back and extend my hand and answer “yes”.  She introduces herself. “So great to meet you, I’m Sophia”.  She adds that she knew it was me as soon as she saw me walk in.  Still a bit confused, I ask her if I can get her something to drink.  She thanks me and tells me “that’s very nice of you but no thank you. I have a place to sit outside”, as she turns and points to another women who waves at us.  I smile and give a wave back to the much younger gal outside sitting at a canopied table.  Sophia excuses herself and tells me to meet her at the table when I am ready.  I order my usual and also order a fresh croissant with tons of cream cheese (of course) and take my breakfast to the table.  Once all introductions are done.  I begin by telling them I’m a bit confused.  And ask how they heard about me and what exactly is the interview about.  As I await their response, I begin to load my mouth with a huge bite of cream cheese with a bit of croissant ;p  Sophia begins to tell me she begin her own magazine a few months ago and its all about women and fashion and that she was at a fashion event recently and met my sister, Ashley who was telling her what a great designer I am.  What!  My sister is talking about me and in a positive way???  Usually she is trying her best to hide me and pretend we are not related ;/  I smile, as Sophia goes on to tell me how lovely my sister is.  I smile back, almost choking on my croissant as I swallow hard, thinking to myself “I don’t think anyone has ever used that word to describe my sister”.

I ask the much-younger women sitting next to Sophia, if she is the one who called me.  She looks to Sophia, as if she needs permission to speak, and replies “yes”.  As she goes on to tell me she is a student at the U of M and is interning at the magazine and she is the one who will be writing the article on me.  I smile at her and tell her “I’m sure you will do an amazing job”.  And the interview begins.

© Pemberton Mackey 2017



lilac blossoms, me and Jax…


I love this time of the year, every time I step outside it smells so fresh and my most favorite spring smells are lilac blossoms!!!  They fill the air with aromatherapy and take me back to my childhood when my mom and I would snip blossoms from a large lilac bush we had on our property.  The blossoms would fill our home with an almost angelic fragrance….no one does it better than mother nature.



Jax likes the smell too as he jumps up in circles and I can almost see a smile on his face.  We begin our walk around Lake Calhoun and stop to feed the geese with some bread crumbs.  Jax is almost hypnotized by the friendly and gigantic birds.  He stands at attention while I throw the crumbs and the geese surround us.  I don’t know if Jax is afraid or just amazed.  OK, time to move on as Jax pulls me in a different direction and off we go.  Passing joggers, walkers, skaters and even the occasional hoverboard-er, we give everyone we pass a smile and eventually begin a slow jog back to our home.

Jax is pooped and we head to our water and gulp down some serious volume of H20 – yum!  Time to give mom a call and see what she’s up to today.  Spring is my mother, Lex’s favorite season.  She loves to plant her garden and I appreciate that she shares her bounty with me.  Homegrown tomatoes, squash, snap peas and rhubarb are my fav’s!  Lex had always kept herself busy after she retired from her modeling career.  I never saw my mother laying on the sofa watching television with nothing to do.  She was always working on some project, whether it be volunteering or doing something fun with her partner, dear ol’ dad.  I Skype Lex and she answers while she is cutting flowers in the kitchen.  She tells me about the walk her and dad took and shows me the flowers they picked.  I ask her if she is up to hanging out today.  Lex replies “not today, darling.  I have a lunch date with a friend and then I have to run some much neglected errands…sorry love!”  I smile at her and ask her to pencil me in for next weekend and she happily agrees and sends me a kiss.  I tell her I love her and send my love to dad.

I look down at Jax who is in a deep slumber and then simmer some tea and sit down at my work table, when the phone rings.  I answer to a young woman sounding somewhat nervous and awkward.  She begins by asking me if I’m the fashion designer, Pemberton Mackey.  I sit up straight and smile and answer “ah yes, I am a designer.  Who is this please?”  The voice begins out by telling me she heard about me from a friend of a friend and that she is a journalist student at the U of M and would like to interview me for a school project.  Being the sceptic, borderline pessimist I am (in times like this), my mind begins to imagine this women is trying to get me to allow her into my home where she will gut me like a fish and steal my dog!  OK, OK, Pem enough with the horror movie thoughts.  I tell her that sounds great and we can meet at a local coffee shop.  The girl on the other end gushes like a teenager and we set up the interview for tomorrow.   Hmmmm, if anything this could be a great opportunity to sharpen my promotional skills which are as dusty as “nun’s nasty!”  (all you horror movie lovers know the movie I got that from……).

© Pemberton Mackey 2017


Linen makes me feel free…


I don’t know why my affinity to linen is so strong, as soon as I purchased my first linen piece I was hooked!  I have decided to make linen my main textile staple in my line of comfy, fashionable, chic and simple clothing line.  As I sit at my design table (while Jax tickles my toes), I always love to touch and drape the linen fabric across my body – all of a sudden the wheels in my brains begin to crank faster and soon my fingers begin sketching a new piece and I’m designing 🙂

Fashion Gone rouge:

My color palate is just as soft and airy as the fabric itself.  I prefer to offer all shades of earth tones and flowers of all kinds help inspire my color choice, therefore I frequent floral shops as much as possible.  When I come across a color that speaks to me, I purchase the flower and that plays as my muse, sometimes for an entire line.  My passion for white always takes center stage in my clothing line, no matter what the season.  I’ve never followed the “old” fashion fable that we cannot wear white after Labor Day – absolute bunk!  I wear white all year long and you should too 😉

© Pemberton Mackey 2017