2018…wow that came fast!

Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first - Carrie Bradshaw

Another year, another step on the ladder of reaching my goal.  I can literally visualize me stretching with every inch within me to clinch that illusive dream.  But I don’t give up, I wake up every day with new ideas and add them to my bucket list.  The great thing about having a bucket list is that you can actually check off the accomplishments you’ve made, which is empowering in itself.

Another Pantone color of the year which can make me gag at the sight of it.  Who chooses these colors!!!???  Certainly, not anyone with good taste!  I am entitled to my opinion and I choose NOT to buy one piece of apparel in a dark and depressing purple (ish) color that looks like it belongs in a haunted castle.  I want to dress in light neutral colors that exude positivity and not look like I’m attending a funeral….. that’s what black if for.

Along with a brand new year comes a laundry list of short-term “to do” things I must address.  One is my snail-like movement into the social media arena.  I have to get educated and learn how to put my brand into cyberspace for the world to stumble upon.  Time to get savvy and go forward come rain or rain.  In the immortal words of young Harpo…..”It gonna rain on your head”….let the good rain begin in 2018 🙂

© Pemberton Mackey 2018



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