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Community Post: 10 Feelings Of A First Time Dressmaker

I adore sketching designs but when it comes to sewing them and making them look like my sketches is a struggle.  I learned sewing from watching my mother make some of her stylish clothing but I never had any “professional” training.  I get frustrated easily when a needle breaks or the bobbin runs out of thread or when the tension is all mucked up!  I have finally come to the realization that I did not inherit my mother’s gift for sewing.  I do some limited sewing but when my designs require button holes or placing a zipper, I contract out those services to the ones who are the masters of sewing.

Since the fashion show I now have clients and even some boutique accounts, which means I have to establish a routine of how I will complete an order on time and perfect from paper to the final details of shipping.  Whenever I complete a project I always love to put my individual stamp on it by attaching a small note of gratitude and thanks to my customer and that will never change.  I’ve always considered myself an organized person with a touch of chaos.  Seriously, I do strive for perfection, especially when it comes to my business.  My pattern making skills are much better than my limited sewing abilities, therefore, that aspect is not a problem.  I found an amazing sewing company that I had the pleasure to visit and contract for their services.  I don’t mind doing the prep work before I take my designs to my newly found sewers.  I layer my fabric and cut out my designs and prepare everything in organized piles so my sewers will spend their time sewing and not rifling through rolls of fabric.  I have a system in my home work area that is like a little village of mice working with makeshift props…’s almost like a cartoon take on “whistle while you work”!

Since the weather is prime for fall fashions, the samples I brought to the show included my signature linen line and for the cooler weather, I premiered my fall/winter line of soft alpaca and chunkier knits for an always casual, simplistic and chic look for chillier temps.

I was shocked and grateful, that while showing my samples I sold almost all of them!  All in all, the fashion show was a fabulous experience of (hopefully) what the future holds for Pemberton Mackey Designs…..I am now ready to show Minneapolis what I have to offer.  Let the flood gates open 😉

© Pemberton Mackey 2017

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