testing the water…

vintage dress forms at the adored vintage studio

When I think about the chance of me finding success in the fierce and almost private club of high fashion, I can get torn down quickly.  But being the perpetual optimist I am I let those negative thoughts roll off my back and again I find myself thinking of ways to get my designs to the masses….on a budget.

Fashion week is approaching fast in our fine city and I’ve always wanted to be a part of it in some way.  My friend Satchi told me of a friend of hers who is having a fashion week market event for clothing designers who want to showcase their creations in a fashion show then a sales event to the public.  Perfect!  I enroll in the event and think of unique and innovative ways to get people’s attention and keep them interested.  Time to get busy sewing the newest designs.

Two weeks until the grand event and for days I roll out of bed over to my sewing machine and then roll right back to bed at night.  Days of cutting, sewing and modeling I finally I have about 60 pieces from tops, pants, scarves and wraps in soft hues of my favorite color…..white.  I have always collected dress forms from my flea market adventures (with my mom) and have managed to acquire 6 beautiful vintage and perfectly weathered Wolf Dress Forms in the sizes I need to fit my designs.

Satchi has accepted my invitation to help me with sales and keep me company.  I actually don’t mind doing things on my own but it’s always nice to have a partner who believes in my vision.  As the days fly by and only a few days before the event, all the designers are invited to an orientation of the rules and a dry run of what our day will involve.  Super exciting, I tuck Jax in my shoulder bag and off to the event center we go.  I have all my designs on my phone, even photos of my dress forms and show the promoter how I intent to design my area.  As the designers congregate and are introduced we are lead to an enormous open space as the gal in charge tells us we won’t have boxed areas but are given our choice of a small area in this open space to set up our impromptu store.  What a great idea!  I’m pumped and raring to go.  Jax and I zip home and get busy doing a sample set up area to see how to design my space.  After hours of moving and tweaking the small area, I have my space perfected.  I remind myself to eat before I hit the sack and sleep like a rock.  This event may just be the ticket to get some serious interest in my designs……I pray.

© Pemberton Mackey 2017

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