humidity…please go away…forever!


I do love summer time but one thing I cannot tolerate is the dreaded humidity.  I hate humidity and it hates me right back ;/  When the weatherman forecasts “tropical” humidity levels, I go into hibernation and stay in air-conditioned comfort until it passes.  Humidity does not only make me sweat like a water hose but it reeks havoc with so many things; make up melts off our faces, hairdo’s droop within minutes and soon our clothes begin sticking to our skin like fly paper!  Not to mention, it drains our energy like a vampire!  Who the heck can honestly say they love the effects of that type of weather…not me!  I was born in the city and I don’t enjoy camping, or running my bare feet through the grass (God know what’s in there) or being around bugs of any kind.  I prefer cement walkways and wearing shoes at all times, even if they are inexpensive flip-flops from Target….I keep my feet away from anything that may hold a contagion or dirt.  If you’re thinking “she’s a freak”, well I think I’ve shared my neuroses enough for you to know that’s the way I roll 🙂

© Pemberton Mackey 2017


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