Sachi = shopping!…


It seems like years since I’ve seen my precious friend, Sachi.  She face timed me while I was sketching and as we caught up on each other’s lives, she invited me to hit a few new boutiques that have opened recently.  I’m game!

I awake with only one thing on my mind….shopping!!!  Shopping for myself is not at all like shopping is for Sachi, she never looks at the price tag, she only buys and buys and buys.  I, unfortunately do not have endless pockets.  And since I am procrastinating my way into the poor house.  I have to pinch my pennies, as best I can.  If I can come home with one gem of a purchase, them I’m thrilled and that one purchase will suffice for me.  Sachi, on the other hand fills her car with so many bags, I really don’t think she even remembers what she purchases…..(lucky girl).  So I decide what to wear for today’s adventure.  Since it’s spring and the weather is beautiful, yet still has a chill in the air, I gravitate towards some super stylish and simple (what else!) items for a day of fun and laughter.

Bold by nature. Vibrant orange branch coral beads in a lavish cluster of seven strands. Grand, hand-stamped sterling silver cross, handmade by Navajo artist Vincent Platero. Made in the USA.: Starting out with one of my favorite Navajo necklaces which always makes a chic statement.  I then choose a pair of comfy distressed jeans, rugged jean jacket and complete this androgynous ensemble with one of my striking hats.  And away I GO…


Sachi pulls up and I jump into her Mercedes and give my “bestie” a big hug and kiss on her cheek.  She cranks the jams and we begin our journey.  Our first stop is a shop in my neighborhood, which is only a few blocks away from my place.  First impression, too blingy for me as Sachi tells me to bare with her, she knows it’s not my style.  I smile and bow down my head and both hands as I allow her to head straight to the jewelry case.  I watch her as she ignores the salesperson and begins instructing her what pieces she wants to try.  I smile and shake my head, then I head over to check out the pants, since I buy most of my pants in the men’s section, I pretend I’m interested.  Nothing catches my eye and as soon as I turn around, Sachi is ready to go with a bag of gems!  That girl can shop faster than anyone I’ve ever known (even my sister, now that’s saying something).  Our next stop is a quaint little espresso cafe for some energy.  We then head to one of my most favorite shopping areas….50th & France 🙂

We both decide to stop at Grethen House first and I know I can always find something absolutely perfect for me.  We enter and I am drawn to the shoe section and see a beautiful pair of Jeffrey Campbell black sandals….I’m hypnotized and immediately ask to try them on.  SOLD.

love Jeffrey Campbell <3: Sachi buys a slammin silk scarf which looks like it came straight from Hermes!  I’m done, I’ve spent my allotted monies on these gorgeous sandals, but I don’t let Sachi know, because I know her all too well and she will then begin to spend tons of money on me and I will not allow her to do that.  So we continue our mission and visit so many shops that I’m pooped….time for a bite to eat.  I tell my friend that I’m treating her to lunch.  She informs me she is on a liquid diet and I turn my head and ask “Seriously?  Satch, you are rail thin! What are you doing dieting???”  She flips her blond locks and says, she will not go over 100 pounds and she’s at 102.  Although I’d look like the walking dead if I weighed so little, but Sachi is 5’2″ and is a size zero.  Honestly, I can’t believe she finds so many clothes that actually fit her.  She tells me she can have smoothies, so we click clack over to the Tropical Smoothie shop for a sweet and healthy treat.

We spend the next hour and Sachi shares me that she thinks she’s found someone special.  I look at her with wide open eyes and ask her why she hasn’t confided in me sooner.  She goes on to tell me that she really didn’t think she was up to beginning a new relationship after her last divorce.  So I move in closer and ask her to tell me everything.  Sachi picks up her phone and shows me a beautiful, much younger man.  I look up at her and ask her how old he is.  She grins shyly and tells me he’s very mature for his age.  I ask again.  Sachi whispers, “he’s 28”.  My mouth gaps open as I await for her next words.  She looks into my eyes and says “please don’t burst my bubble, Pem”.  I smile and tell her “Firstly, I would never do anything to make you sad and secondly, if he makes you happy, then I’m happy”.  Sachi then begins to tell me how they met and what he does for a career and on and on.  I sit back and listen intently and begin to wonder why some women are like magnets for men (like Sachi) and others (like me) are not ;/.  I reach across the table and grab her hands and tell her that I am genuinely so happy for her and I only have positive wishes for her because I love her.  She smiles and tells me that she and “Beau” have plans to take a trip to Mexico next week.  I ask her if she can smuggle me in one of her many suitcases.  We giggle and time to call it a day…..a beautiful, happy, best friend kind of day.

© Pemberton Mackey 2017

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