great day for an interview…

I roll out of bed and hop into the shower and wonder what the day will bring.  As I scrub my scalp with my favorite mint shampoo and then scrub my face with Proactiv using my Foreo cleanser to make sure every pore is void of all gunk.  I smile big to inspect my teeth and whisper “ok, time for the white strips again…).  Jax is still in bed while I throw on a simple, yet super cute summer t-shirt dress with tennies and grab some equally cute sunglasses and away I go…

Stripe dress:

As I open my apartment door, I look back at Jax who is still snoozing away and I quietly close the door and leave early enough to stop at a new boutique on my way to the coffee shop to meet my interviewer.

I enter the coffee shop filled with people with their laptops, or conversing with their friends, as I scan the crowd looking for a young girl….hmmm, she must be running late.  I get in line for a cup of adrenalin and someone taps my shoulder.  I turn and am shocked to see a women who looks like she is in her 50’s.  She smiles at me and asks “Pemberton?”.  I smile back and extend my hand and answer “yes”.  She introduces herself. “So great to meet you, I’m Sophia”.  She adds that she knew it was me as soon as she saw me walk in.  Still a bit confused, I ask her if I can get her something to drink.  She thanks me and tells me “that’s very nice of you but no thank you. I have a place to sit outside”, as she turns and points to another women who waves at us.  I smile and give a wave back to the much younger gal outside sitting at a canopied table.  Sophia excuses herself and tells me to meet her at the table when I am ready.  I order my usual and also order a fresh croissant with tons of cream cheese (of course) and take my breakfast to the table.  Once all introductions are done.  I begin by telling them I’m a bit confused.  And ask how they heard about me and what exactly is the interview about.  As I await their response, I begin to load my mouth with a huge bite of cream cheese with a bit of croissant ;p  Sophia begins to tell me she begin her own magazine a few months ago and its all about women and fashion and that she was at a fashion event recently and met my sister, Ashley who was telling her what a great designer I am.  What!  My sister is talking about me and in a positive way???  Usually she is trying her best to hide me and pretend we are not related ;/  I smile, as Sophia goes on to tell me how lovely my sister is.  I smile back, almost choking on my croissant as I swallow hard, thinking to myself “I don’t think anyone has ever used that word to describe my sister”.

I ask the much-younger women sitting next to Sophia, if she is the one who called me.  She looks to Sophia, as if she needs permission to speak, and replies “yes”.  As she goes on to tell me she is a student at the U of M and is interning at the magazine and she is the one who will be writing the article on me.  I smile at her and tell her “I’m sure you will do an amazing job”.  And the interview begins.

© Pemberton Mackey 2017



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