lilac blossoms, me and Jax…


I love this time of the year, every time I step outside it smells so fresh and my most favorite spring smells are lilac blossoms!!!  They fill the air with aromatherapy and take me back to my childhood when my mom and I would snip blossoms from a large lilac bush we had on our property.  The blossoms would fill our home with an almost angelic fragrance….no one does it better than mother nature.



Jax likes the smell too as he jumps up in circles and I can almost see a smile on his face.  We begin our walk around Lake Calhoun and stop to feed the geese with some bread crumbs.  Jax is almost hypnotized by the friendly and gigantic birds.  He stands at attention while I throw the crumbs and the geese surround us.  I don’t know if Jax is afraid or just amazed.  OK, time to move on as Jax pulls me in a different direction and off we go.  Passing joggers, walkers, skaters and even the occasional hoverboard-er, we give everyone we pass a smile and eventually begin a slow jog back to our home.

Jax is pooped and we head to our water and gulp down some serious volume of H20 – yum!  Time to give mom a call and see what she’s up to today.  Spring is my mother, Lex’s favorite season.  She loves to plant her garden and I appreciate that she shares her bounty with me.  Homegrown tomatoes, squash, snap peas and rhubarb are my fav’s!  Lex had always kept herself busy after she retired from her modeling career.  I never saw my mother laying on the sofa watching television with nothing to do.  She was always working on some project, whether it be volunteering or doing something fun with her partner, dear ol’ dad.  I Skype Lex and she answers while she is cutting flowers in the kitchen.  She tells me about the walk her and dad took and shows me the flowers they picked.  I ask her if she is up to hanging out today.  Lex replies “not today, darling.  I have a lunch date with a friend and then I have to run some much neglected errands…sorry love!”  I smile at her and ask her to pencil me in for next weekend and she happily agrees and sends me a kiss.  I tell her I love her and send my love to dad.

I look down at Jax who is in a deep slumber and then simmer some tea and sit down at my work table, when the phone rings.  I answer to a young woman sounding somewhat nervous and awkward.  She begins by asking me if I’m the fashion designer, Pemberton Mackey.  I sit up straight and smile and answer “ah yes, I am a designer.  Who is this please?”  The voice begins out by telling me she heard about me from a friend of a friend and that she is a journalist student at the U of M and would like to interview me for a school project.  Being the sceptic, borderline pessimist I am (in times like this), my mind begins to imagine this women is trying to get me to allow her into my home where she will gut me like a fish and steal my dog!  OK, OK, Pem enough with the horror movie thoughts.  I tell her that sounds great and we can meet at a local coffee shop.  The girl on the other end gushes like a teenager and we set up the interview for tomorrow.   Hmmmm, if anything this could be a great opportunity to sharpen my promotional skills which are as dusty as “nun’s nasty!”  (all you horror movie lovers know the movie I got that from……).

© Pemberton Mackey 2017


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