Linen makes me feel free…


I don’t know why my affinity to linen is so strong, as soon as I purchased my first linen piece I was hooked!  I have decided to make linen my main textile staple in my line of comfy, fashionable, chic and simple clothing line.  As I sit at my design table (while Jax tickles my toes), I always love to touch and drape the linen fabric across my body – all of a sudden the wheels in my brains begin to crank faster and soon my fingers begin sketching a new piece and I’m designing 🙂

Fashion Gone rouge:

My color palate is just as soft and airy as the fabric itself.  I prefer to offer all shades of earth tones and flowers of all kinds help inspire my color choice, therefore I frequent floral shops as much as possible.  When I come across a color that speaks to me, I purchase the flower and that plays as my muse, sometimes for an entire line.  My passion for white always takes center stage in my clothing line, no matter what the season.  I’ve never followed the “old” fashion fable that we cannot wear white after Labor Day – absolute bunk!  I wear white all year long and you should too 😉

© Pemberton Mackey 2017



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