Making my dream come true…


vintage dress forms at the adored vintage studio:

I’ve been collecting dress forms for some time now.  A good source is flea markets, these treasures are becoming harder and harder to find, since they are art all by themselves.  The reason I began acquiring these dress forms is because I always knew some day I would need them to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion designer.  With a well made dress form you can make all your designs come to life.  I have always had an affinity to Wolf Dress Forms, they are a main staple in the fashion industry….I always want the best of everything 😉

Being OCD can be beneficial when it comes to pursuing ones dream.  Meaning, acquiring the tools necessary to make your dream come true and picking up those important items before the commencement begins.  I’ve always been one who thinks ahead, I may not always act on it, but my mind is always looking for things that I will inevitably need once that perfect time presents itself and the vision begins.

So for all you dreamers, keep dreaming and remember when you come across something that you love and know will be useful in your dream….GO FOR IT.  I mean life is short and also remember NEVER, NEVER, NEVER LOSE HOPE 🙂

© Pemberton Mackey 2017

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