Get the molasses outcha a…

Although I’ve worked hard all my life, since my move to my new home and getting introduced to my surroundings, I have been far to “lax” and have taken much too much time off.  It’s time to get motivated and start this new venture I have only dreamed of all my life.  Bring on this happy journey….I’m ready!

Vintage dress forms at Adored Vintage:

First things first, get my designing space organized.  As I set up the necessities that are required, I realize I’m void of some very important props.  My large designing table is primarily for laying out my fabric and cutting.  I have my dress forms for proper fit but what’s missing is a place for doing my paperwork (YUKKO!!!).  I do love to design but I really frown upon doing the very important paperwork.  Even when I worked as a boutique store manager, it was definitely my least favorite responsibility.  But since I am the CEO and janitor of this venture, I have to be flexible and make myself perform some duties that I’m a fan of…paperwork!  You’d think I would love the paperwork aspect, although I do love to make lists on paper, that’s about as far as my love for paperwork goes.  I do intend to take a class on how to maneuver the social media arena that has overtaken this world.  For today, I will arrange my work space to reflect organization, flow, style and functionality.  All that will take up my entire day.  Tomorrow I will begin looking for a work-station for my administrative duties.

And I’m off!!!…wish me luck 😉

© Pemberton Mackey 2017


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