A fashionista is born…


As a new year approaches, I reminisce about my past and how fast the time is passing.  My thoughts go directly to my upbringing.  Having a fashion model as a mother made for a somewhat unconventional childhood.  Although, Lex did an outstanding job being a loving and involved mother, while holding down a demanding career.  My mother never demanded her daughters love fashion as much as she did, it just came naturally to us.  Both my sister and I love fashion and it plays a huge part in both our lives.  Ashley is more of a “bling babe”.  She and her husband travel the world and Ashley spends big bucks on couture fashions and drapes herself in precious gems.  I, on the other hand love fashion just as much as Lex and Ash but my taste is much more subdued, funky and simple. Ever since I can remember when mother would take me and Ash to her biggest modeling account (Dayton’s Department Store),  I would always sneak into the men’s department to feel the incredible suits made from luxurious textiles and study the simple lines of men’s wear which fascinates me today as much as ever.

By Yves Saint Laurent, from "L'Amour Fou." Via #missmoss:


Celine Resort 2017 by Talia Chetrit:

simply aesthetic | @andwhatelse:

Abercrombie Fitch A-92 Military Faded Green Cargo Pant Men M 33 x 31 Button 2834 #AbercrombieFitch #CargoPants:


My closet is filled with men’s wear inspired suits and even lots of purchases directly from the men’s department or men’s stores.  In my humble opinion, there is nothing more sexy than a hint of masculinity in a women’s wardrobe 😉  One of my favorite men’s stores I frequent are Gap and Abercrombie for those fabulous linen and cotton button down shirts and rough and tumble military inspired cargo pants that always gets me noticed 🙂

© Pemberton Mackey 2016


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