A nice day to be normal…



As I sink back into my normal life after a trip of a lifetime, I revel in my simple lifestyle that fits me to a tee.  I sit on my gushy sofa sipping my coffee while Jax snugs into me like a summer tick!  I finally feel like everything is as it should be, meaning I’m home with my baby and I feel normal.  While in Paris, I felt like I was somewhat awkward, like I was floating in a bubble looking at myself while I was experiencing beautiful new things in a fantasy wonderland, it was very surreal, almost like I dreamed it instead of actually living it.  A smile comes to my face and I think to myself, someday I would love to go back and be a part of the world’s best fashion week…..wow that would be fabulous!

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Time to restock my kitchen with food and make a trip to Ulta for Clarisonic heads and to see the new lip colors that calling my name.  As I throw on a yummy warm wool coat and a bag that can hold my small purchases today…..off I go!

As I make my “normal” errands, I include some unintended stops, one of them is Southdale.  I haven’t been to my favorite “dale” in a long time.  I feel I must reintroduce myself 😉  As I leave with a couple of bags of purchases I smile as the memories of Southdale come rushing back to me like a tidal wave.  I find myself being thankful for being able to still visit the very important places that made such an impact on my life.

Lastly to the “normal” grocery store…as I enter Lund’s I still have the smile on my face that Southdale made possible.  I grab a cart and make my way to the produce section.  Suddenly, I am greeted by the stranger.  A young man, handsome who resembles a young Keanu Reeves.  “Pardon me, but are you Pemberton?”  I gasp and reply “ah, yah”.  He smiles and extends his hand and tells me he is Tristin, Sutton’s son.  I stumble as my awkwardness takes full control.  “Oh hello!” silence falls and I can’t take my eyes off his bright white smile and tanned skin, I force out the words “how did you know who I am?”.  Tristin laughs softy and tells me his mother showed him some photos on her phone of the art show and adds “looks like you both had a great time”.  “We did”. Again silence fills our perimeter and I can feel a warm flash coming on, so I excuse myself as I smile and tell Tristin how happy I am to meet him and I hope to see him again.  He smiles and grabs my hands and shares “The pleasure is all mine and yes, I hope so too”.  I turn around, before a droplet of sweat runs downs my forehead.  I don’t look back but instead begin loading up my cart with fruit and pretend meeting Tristin didn’t affect me.  After a few minutes I do turn and look behind me to see he is gone.  Thank God, I say to myself and I feel my body temperature returning to normal.  “Why am I such a freak, Lord?”  How can a “normal” trip to the “normal” grocery store turn into the most “un-normal” errand of all???

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I get home and unload my purchases while thinking about Tristin and how his appearance doesn’t look lawyer-like, but then I ask myself “what does a lawyer look like these day?”  I smile and I fill up my fridge with fresh veggies and fill up my kitchen counter large bowl with fresh fruits.  As I put Tristin out of my mind, I finally tell myself he’s way too young (to be a prospect for me), isn’t he?, I mean he looks like he’s in his twenties and has a “grunge thing” going on!  I actually prefer an older man with a well scrubbed appearance.  Older men are more secure, wiser and calmer, or at least that’s what I’m looking for….someone close to my father – is that strange???  I grab an orange and take my tablet to the sofa and try to get some work done.

© Pemberton Mackey 2016


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