Home sweet home & Jax!…

Most days, today being one of many. Down Home alone on a beautiful Saturday with…:


I walk (more like jog) into my parents home and see my little baby walking around the living room unaware I’m at only feet away from him.  I stare at him with utter delight and then he turns and sees me.  Jax jumps into my arms and is licking every part of my face with whimpers of happiness.  I call out for my mom and she peeks from the kitchen and smiles with pure happiness at Jax who is finally in the arms of his mommy!

Mom and I share an hour chatting about Paris as I show her photos on my phone of this majestic trip.  We giggle at Jax who is glued to me like flypaper!  I finally take my baby with me and away we to.  First stop is the pet store for some treats and a new fleece coat for this cold weather.  Once home Jax sniffs at everything to make sure no other 4 legged creature has taken his place.  Finally he feels secure enough to flop into his bed and watch me as I begin to put everything back in its proper place.  The phone rings and it’s my buddy Sutton, she welcomes me back and asks me if I’m up for a short visit.  I smile and tell her to come on over!  With a knock on the door I open the door to see Sutton who is baring a gift of cookies.  Shortbread cookies…..my fav!!!  I graciously accept the tray of sweet eye candy and give my friend a hug.  She immediately tells me she doesn’t want to stay long, and I share with her that I think I’m still on Paris time.  We visit and she tells me her son is coming for a visit and she would love me to meet him.  I tell her I would be honored to meet him (but in my mind I’m hoping she isn’t trying to make a love connection).  With that Sutton stands and again welcomes me home and goes on to tell me she will let me know when her son comes to town.  I smile and bid her goodnight and thank her for the cookies.

Jax and I snuggle on my gushy sofa as I read my emails and reply while catching up on my favorite social media sites.  We fall asleep in each other arms …….there’s no place like home 🙂

© Pemberton Mackey 2016

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