Palais Garnier, S’il vous plait…

Twilight at Palais Garnier - the Opera House, Paris France. © Brian Jannsen Photography:

When in Paris, you cannot leave without an elegant evening at the ballet.  Sachi has a closet full of glamorous evening gowns and I have ZERO! (I’m not a “glam gal”) Thank goodness she was thoughtful enough to bring a few extra 🙂  An evening at the Palais Garnier requires an outfit that pays homage to the unbelievable surroundings.  Even though Sachi is shorter in stature than I, she did bring a pair of the most fabulous glittery slacks that fit my long legs and I can wear ballet flats….how appropriate!

Elisabetta Franchi Spring 2017 RTW:

I feel like a princess in this fairytale outfit.  Sachi really takes the cake with her chosen Marchesa gown that literally took my breath away…

Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Marchesa:

As we entered the grand entrance of the Palais Garnier, we meld into the mass of beautiful gowns and black tuxedo’s that look like they are dancing slowly in almost a dream state, while they sip their cocktails and glide among one another.  My heart is beating so fast I’m trying to take in everything but can’t believe I don’t look like a little girl at her first trip to a teeny bop concert!  I keep telling myself to act sophisticated and don’t “gawk” but I can’t help myself…this is something I may never see again so I’m going to gawk 😉

What a beautiful evening, as we exit and get into our waiting Mercedes (compliments of Lori), on the ride back to the apartment (I still have a hard time calling that palace an apartment), we share the evening’s highlights.  I thank my friend Sachi for this once in a lifetime experience as a tear comes to my eye.  She gently reaches for my hand and graciously replies “this is just the first of a lifetime of magnificent memories Pem”.  I hug my friend tightly and whisper in her ear…”I love you Sotch”.

© Pemberton Mackey 2016

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