Nothing like Paris street style…





Death by Elocution:

I want to fit in this city filled with inspiring individuals who take fashion to the next level, so I emsemble what I think would be simple and comfortable.  I decide to nix the bag and just go bag-less while Sachi and I scan the streets of Paris and snap photos at the beautiful people who call this fascinating city home.

We walk for what seems like miles as we stroll by some of the most renowned landmarks in the world as I people watch, Sachi prefers to pay more attention to her phone.  She’s not as big a fan as I am when it comes to people watching.  I adore watching people especially those who exude style with little effort.  Style or fashion is a state of mind, in my opinion, and those who have it, know it.  To me, it’s something you are born with, it’s a glow that shines through and is visible to everyone who you come in contact with.  It’s not about makeup and how much (or less) you wear, it’s not about the cost of your attire, it’s certainly not wearing the forecast color for a particular season, it’s not showing your almost-naked body or covering your self up with material….it’s a state of mind that instinctively dictates your lifestyle with class, style and uniqueness.





Trend Alert: Berets Are Making A Serious Comeback:


Lucinda Chambers Street Style Street Fashion Streetsnaps by STYLEDUMONDE Street Style Fashion Photography:


Living Young — poutful: heavenn:

She’s Got Summer Style | ZsaZsa Bellagio - Like No Other:

white trousers + gucci slides + round sunglasses:



Long cardigan coat:

Tasya Van Ree:



Black long sleeve + jeans + black heels:

LOVE LOVE LOVE…..I could go on and on!!

© Pemberton Mackey 2016





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