Dining out…

A delicious meal of Chef Eric Briffard -- Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris (© by Richard Haughton)… <3 <3 <#:

Since Sachi and I have been Parisians for several days now, we have dined at the most wonderful restaurants I’ve ever stepped foot in and eating some foods I’ve never dreamed would pass my tongue….occtapus being one.  I digress, eating such delicacies that are presented so beautifully and architecturally perfect on my plate, I find it difficult to disturb it so I can taste it.  I relish the opportunity to eat like a queen, if only for a short time and being lucky enough to experience dishes I’ve only seen in magazines is refreshing and delightful….I love food, from scrambled eggs to the gourmet cuisine I’ve been enjoying for days with my dear friend, Sachi.

Gourmet Baking: Meyer Lemon Tart: I had this from his bakery in PARIS!!! OMG!:

Who can say no to cheesecake?  Certainly, not me!  So I’ve been indulging in the most decadent desserts and can already feel it in my skinny jeans ;/  But I choose not to limit myself, this is a dream trip and I want to absorb everything like I’m a sponge from food to fashion to sightseeing…..what’s next?

© Pemberton Mackey 2016




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