Burning the Paris nightlife candle…

Prada perfection – Kate Bosworth, black Prada fringed dress, Met Gala 2012:

Sachi decides to follow Kate Bosworth’s fabulous style and wear her fringed Prada dress and boy did she attract the masses in that stunner!

#street #style black everything @wachabuy:

I, on the other hand rely on a favorite fashion staple of mine…a chic button down shirt coupled with a super “swirly” mini skirt and hip open-toe booties.

One look from Sachi and she convinces me to unbutton my shirt down to my bellybutton and I can’t believe I allowed her to let me out the door like this.  All I can think of is “oh please swift wind stay away!”.  Sachi places tape inside my shirt so I don’t show what I don’t want to show – Thanks Sotch!

Although this city is for lovers and since Sachi and I are “man-less” these days, I decide to let my hair down and party like a rock star, or at least take a shot or two of something that literally takes my breath away.  I’m not a big drinker, but Sachi has a taste for great wine and martini’s.  I prefer a good beer once in a while, but when the waiter placed a tray of long shot glasses filled with God knows what, I was hesitant (to say the least)….but when in Paris!  Before I could toast “to us” Sachi slammed two of those colorful shot glasses.  As she puckered and took a lime slice and sucked on it.  I was apprehensive but “down the hatch!’ I whispered as I held my breath, closed my eyes and downed a substance I can only describe as gasoline!  Sachi laughs out loud at the sour face I make as I swallowed the mystery drink.  Soon Sachi and I are laughing and surrounded by other partiers, dancing and laughing the night away.  I did get drunk but not too drunk.  Not once did I forget where I was, or all the movies about drunken friends vacationing in a foreign country and end up being kidnapped and cut into pieces, never to be seen again….”hello Hostel!”.

So I took good care of my precious friend and myself until the wee hours, Sachi leans on me as we are chauffeured to our final destination….Lori’s beautiful home.  I assist Sachi with taking off her stiletto’s and jewelry.  I watch my friend lay back and immediately fall asleep. I exit her room to put myself to bed….thank you Paris, it was memorable.

© Pemberton Mackey 2016

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