When in Parieeee…

Notre Dame, Paris, France:


My eyes slowly open as I stretch my legs and arms in layers of soft satin sheets. I’m not dreaming, I whisper to myself, as my eyes take in my lovely surroundings.  I gaze with ahh at the pristine and divine presence of luxurious elegance.  I think to myself, how can someone live like this?, and would I really want to live like this?  I stare at the ceiling as I hear the birds chirping outside.  I rise in my bed and stretch my neck to see the beautiful blue sky peeking through my blinds.

I make myself to the bathroom and see a bidet.  I’ve seen these in magazines and on TV but I never thought I would be face to face with one.  I choose not to be adventurous and try it.  Instead I go for the good ol’ standard toilet – thank you!  As I step into the shower (which is almost as big as my second bedroom!), I venture into the hallway and I hear Sachi faintly talking on the phone.  I make my way into the kitchen for some coffee, which Sachi had already made.  I sip my coffee (with a saucer) and wink at Sachi as she continues her call and I mosse around the great room and inspect the silver frames with photos of some beautiful people.  Just then Sachi comes in.  “Good morning girlie girl!  I smile and greet my friend with a soft “Good morning Sachi my dear, how did you sleep?” I ask. “Like a new-born baby” she replies.  As we sink into the sofa, we enjoy our coffee as I go on and on about what a magnificent “apartment” this is.  Sachi goes on to tell me about her friend Lori, the owner of this stunning home.  Lori is Lori Conway, owner and CEO of Conway Diamonds, the largest diamond brokerage magnum in the world.  Seems that Lori Conway takes turns living in her numerous homes throughout the world all year-long.  Sachi met Lori at a business conference in New York during fashion week.  Lori and Sachi began talking and ended up hanging out for the rest of fashion week, ever since then they have been dear friends.  Sachi tells me she never knows where Lori may be but she does prefer her 900 acre estate in South Africa where Lori was born and where her family lives.  All I can think of is what life must be like to be Lori Conway.

Star of Africa, the world's largest flawless cut diamond. It is 530 carats!:

We discuss our plans for the day and Sachi tells me that she has hired our own personal guide so I can see the most spectacular sites in Paris…….Let’s go!!!!!

©  Pemberton Mackey 2016


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