The thrill of it all…

"Je ne Fais Pas La Mode, Je Suis La Mode":

As Sachi gets out of our chauffeured ride, we head straight for the airplane that will take us to our final destination….Paris France.  We sip champagne and act like two school girls who are seeing a big city for the first time.  Sachi is a seasoned traveler but she knows I have barely been outside of Minnesota, so she indulges my giddiness and together we embark on this fascinating and (hopefully) healing get away!

The apartment balconies are one of my favorite things about Paris.:

We gather our luggage and Sachi (who is fluent in French) hails down a taxi and gives the driver directions to her friend’s apartment.  I follow along like I know what I’m doing and feeling quite special.  The taxi stops in front of what I can only define as an urban castle.  As Sachi turns to me and says “we’re here” and smiles happily.  I can only get out the words “this is an apartment???” as I am mesmerized at the luxurious and opulent building that fulfills my every dream.  Sachi instructs the concierge to take our luggage to Ms Conway’s apartment suite.  Evidently, Ms. Conway is the one and only Lori Conway, the owner of Conway Diamonds.  Lori Conway is the sole owner and is the largest diamond broker in the world…WOW!  See, these are the friends of Sachi, she travels in some amazing circles, what a woman!

Paris is by far one of the easiest places to come back to after a holiday, but plunging back into the depths of winter after 10 days in a caribbean climate ta:

After getting everything organized, Sachi and I decide to get to bed early so we can celebrate and explore for the next 10 days.  I slip into an indulgent bath, which is drawn for me by our own personal apartment assistant (no one uses the word “maid”, they are assistants – cool).  I open the doors and stare at the Eiffel Tower as I lean back and sink into a lovely bubble bath, I ask myself in a hush…..Am I dreaming…

© Pemberton Mackey 2016



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