Paris? whaaaaaa…


I get a somewhat frantic call from my friend Sachi (who is going through a divorce), she’s telling me to pack my bags because she wants to take me to Paris with her….what!!!???

Sachi calms down and tells me that her friend wants her to spend a couple of weeks at her luxurious Paris apartment to relax and get away from her surroundings.  Sachi quickly explains to me that her assistant is making the travel arrangements and we will be chauffeured to the airport tomorrow.  “Tomorrow?” I ask.  Sachi goes on to tell me that anything I have planned can wait until we return and by the way she says I’m the only one who knows everything and she wants me to have some fun.  I think to myself “I have fun, I just went to lunch with my mother and sister yesterday…..oh…….OK, she’s right I do need some fun and I can’t think of anyone who I’d rather go to Paris with.  Sachi, even though heartbroken, she will make this trip a fun and memorable one……OK I’m in 🙂

I’ve never been to Paris….what to pack!!?????…..I’m so nervous…

I give a quick call to my mom and ask if she can please watch Jax while I go to Paris.  She screams “What!!?”  I give her the quickie details and she excitedly accepts.  I throw Jax’s toys and treats into his bed and scoop him up and off we go to mom and dad’s place…



© Pemberton Mackey 2016

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