The Mackey girl posse get-together…

Talk about three distinctive and dynamic personalities, can’t believe my sister and I came from the same gene pool.  My mother, tall, thin and drop dead beautiful.  My sister, skin & bones, completely arrogant and couture 7 days a week.  Then me, loner (to a fault), insecure, dreamer and a big push-over.  I mean I do have my good points but they always seem to follow the not-so-good ones.

Lunch is at my mother’s favorite seafood shack in Wayzata (she’s addicted to crab legs).  I know both Ash and my mom will be donned in 6 inch stilettos so I don’t want to be the “odd” girl out.  So I push past my comfy, yet stylish more comfortable footwear to my heels…I can almost see their tails wagging in anticipation of being worn.

I step out onto my patio to enjoy my coffee and am stopped by the frigid cool or cold breeze in the air!  I turn the TV on to get the weather forecast and hear that flakes of snow may happen today – what!???  it’s not even Halloween yet ;/

I quickly return to my cozy home and walk to my closet and prepare to wear something weather-appropriate and this is what I came up with…

Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 RTW l Ria:

As I pull up to the longtime popular crab shack (which over the years has transpired into a rather chic seafood restaurant), I see my mom draped in one of her many fox wraps, she walks slowly, as if she is walking the cat walk, up to the doors.  I sit there and stare at her and almost swoon at her elegant presence.   I love my mom!!!  She is by-far the coolest person I know.

Coat with hood:

I walk to the table and greet my mom and sister with a genuine hug and smile.  Mom immediately tells me I look “so thin honey” as I look at myself and then hear Ashley chime in with “Oh mother, she’s far from thin!.  She’s (as she turns her head) average” with a devilish smile.  I know my sister thinks I can always lose weight, since she could be the poster child for the too-thin nation.  We chat, laugh and enjoy watching mother dig into her pile of crab legs with pure delight.  As we end our delicious meal, Ashley suggests we head over to the 50th & France area to shop the latest fall fashions.  No one has to twist my arm and we all head to the hub of high fashion in Edina……wheeeeeee Grethen House here I come!

©  Pemberton Mackey 2016





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