time for a “Sutton” visit….


I haven’t seen Sutton since she went to visit her son in Santa Fe.  I decide to text her (instead of showing up in person) and ask if she is up for a neighborly visit today.  She texts me back and tells me “your timing is perfect”.  She invites me over for a light dinner this evening.  I know Sutton is an amazing cook, so I jump at the invite!  For now, Jax and I are ready for our walk around the lake so I grab my teddy bear coat and awaaaaaay we go.

The air is cool and I can smell autumn in the air.  I love the cooler weather but not looking forward to winter with its icy roads and slick sidewalks….no no no!!!  So once back from our walk, Jax goes straight to his bed and quickly falls asleep.  I decide to begin to put my summer attire to rest.  And by that I mean to move the “wardrobes on wheels” into the back and move the woolens and heavier pants, jackets and sweaters into a more prominent space.  I love the ease of my seasonal clothing…..keep everything on wheels 🙂

What to wear, what to wear is the question…ahhh ha! I don’t want to show up doughty or looking like I just rolled off the sofa, after all Sutton is quite the fashionista herself so I focus on something I would deem appropriate if I were meeting a friend at a chic downtown restaurant.  As I quickly flip through my choices I decide upon a sophisticated yet simple and stylish outfit combining soft woolens and  comfortable fit.  I finished my outfit with my favorite Weejuns – easy on, easy off 🙂

Gorgeous blouse - more from Terry Macey:

Here are my top picks at Aritzia.com. Nori Dress, $125. Wear now with a thin long sleeve tee or trutleneck underneath. Gentiane Skirt, $80 A sexy yet cozy Italian knit skirt that fits like a glove....:


Black Bass Penny Loafer:

To accessorize I choose a bold bracelet with equally sufficient earrings.

Rebecca Pinot silver cuff - Simon Miller:


Annie Costello Brown Cubes Chandelier Earrings - All:

Sutton answers the door looking wonderful in a long sleek linen gown with bare feet and the aroma of spices envelop me like a warm blanket.  I greet my neighbor with a hug and present her with a bottle of wine.  Dinner is fabulous, just as I expected and we adjourn to the patio to enjoy our wine next to her enormous fire pit as I lose myself in her mountain of gushy lounge pillows.  We talk the evening away as our friendship blossoms into something special.

Linen Cocoon Dress:


After I’ve had my limit of etoh, I thank my friend for the lovely dinner and head back to my humble abode.  Jax and I decide for a quickie jog around the block and then I get a call from my wounded friend Sachi.  We talked for seemed like hours as she shared her jumbled emotions, I listened and give my advise (only when asked).  I ask Sachi if she is up for some company.  She happily agrees and we make plans for this weekend.  Sachi told me she moved out of the house and is staying at their condo in downtown Minneapolis.  She also shared that she contacted her lawyer and started divorce proceedings.

I lay back on my bed and imagine the long process of what is infront of Sachi.  My divorce was probably the most simple divorce in history, but Sachi marries millionaires with unimaginable assets – ugh!

I throw the covers back on the bed and Jax hops up to snuggle with his mama for a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow is lunch with my mom and “the” sister, Ashley….should be interesting…

©  Pemberton Mackey  2016




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