The smell of leaves burning…

Autumn Leaves - Un Peu De Tout Absolutely magical - makes us excited for autumn:


I remember when I was a kid playing the in yard with my sister, jumping in the piles of leaves.  Back then everyone could burn their leaves and dad would rake them into a huge pile and burn them down by the lake.  That smell will always be one of my favorite memories.  I remember mom picking the crispy leaves from our hair as she helped dad burn those leaves.  As the sun sat we would gather around the fire, wrapped in woolen blankets sipping hot chocolate and enjoying mom’s famous pumpkin shortbread cookies as we watched the embers float up to the sky.

I love this time of the year for so many reasons; pumpkin picking (and by that I mean picking them from the local grocery store), visiting the haunted houses, Halloween decorating, the beautifully colored trees, pumpkin spice cake drizzled with cream cheese frosting and last but not least fall fashions, all of these fleeting treats get my senses into high gear.  One of the first things I do is hit Barnes & Nobel for the thick fashion mags showing all the fall fashion must haves.  I must be honest and proclaim that I really don’t follow the Pantone colors for each season.  I stay with the colors that like me and vise versa.  I adore the color gray in all shades and of course my staple color, black.  Those two colors are so sophisticated and will always be staples in my closet.  But I do also add that punch of color that screams look at me!  I love the fall shades or deep oranges, browns, tans and rich yellows.  When it’s time to decorate my home for Halloween I visit one of my most favorite stores PATINA.  They offer the most incredible décor for each season but Halloween is the best.  I don’t go overboard with decorations for any holiday (and I do treat Halloween like a holiday).  I believe in making a subtle statement with hints of incredible décor placed throughout my home.  By far my favorite seasonal buy are fragrant candles that fill my home with scents that make my head swirl with happy thoughts of time gone by.

As I swing by Lund’s for some delicious sushi for dinner, I grab a few pumpkins.  I do buy the traditional orange pumpkins but I also buy the white and blue-ish ones too.  I love to make little vignettes for each room with different colors so I go with the small cute ones 🙂

Blue Pumpkins" by Hewett Beasley/Beetree Studio on Flickr:

No such thing as too many pumpkin pins.:


As the beautiful evening approaches, I can hear the leaves blowing around my patio.  I finish my incredible sushi and Jax and I head for the sofa for some quiet time.  What a perfect evening for some ghoulish horror movies…..bring it on AHS!!!

©  Pemberton Mackey  2016

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