A re-design project…ahhhhhh…

Features:  -Double sided non magnified mirror frame.  -Metro pivot mirror rotates 360 degrees.  -Detachable 5x magnified magnetic lens.  -Non lighted.  -Not for shower use.  -Sergena collection.  Shap:

As I was looking at my make up area, I was miffed at the lack of what I would call a professional set up.  I googled how to build my very own professional make up space. When I watch the queens of make up (Kardashians) get their make up applied, I pay close attention to the surroundings; the mirror, lighting, products, etc.  Since I’m not much of a make up diva, I do want to make sure the make up I do apply doesn’t look awful in natural light.  Therefore, I decided to design a corner of my bedroom into a make up application wonderland.  That means a trip to one of my favorite make up store….Ulta, for some professional advice!

Once in Ulta, my mission turned to purchasing more make up, bubble bath, lotions and potions!  Finally after placing 2 lip colors in my Ulta bag, I refocus on my actual mission.  A lovely Ulta expert approaches me and asks if she can assist me.  Yes!  I share my idea of my make up space.  She shares my excitement and begins asking me questions on what kind of set up I have now.  I show her photos of my bedroom vanity area (which is pretty bland) and I tell her I want professional lighting and a 3 way mirror.  She suggests a store that sells professional supplies to make up artists and photographers.  I’m thrilled as she writes down the address.  I thank her by hugging her and then head to the cashier to pay for my lipsticks and bubble bath.

Finally after some wrong turns, I arrive at a warehouse and enter the doors.  I scan the aisles of everything from make up chairs, mirrors of all sizes and tons of make up supplies.  I smile knowing I will find my dream make up space right here.  I grab a big cart and head straight to the mirror section.  I’m amazed at the choices.  Since I don’t want to hire a contractor I focus on mirrors that offer what I want without having to hire a carpenter to install.  I find the perfect mirror, which attaches to the wall and rotates from normal size to magnifying (love those magnifying mirrors!).  The size is perfect, not too large and not too small.  I also check out a super cool cart on wheels which has several compartments to hold brushes, lip colors and powders.  Next I need a chair that is counter size so I can sit comfortably in front of my new mirror.  I try out several chairs all very comfortable, but I want a certain aesthetic also, when I stumble upon a sharp gray and chic burnt orange-colored cushion and fabulous form-fitting back.  I ask a salesperson for some assistance (since my shopping adventures isn’t quite done yet).  I decide to check out full size mirrors and find a gem which can stand flat or can easily convert into a 3 way mirror….LOVE IT!!!!, and it will fit perfectly in my closet/dressing room 🙂  Time to haul my heavy purchases home to begin the design – homeward bound!

Autumn Street Fashion:

©  Pemberton Mackey 2016



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