Carly Simon makes me smile…

Andy Warhol - Carly Simon:

As “You Belong to me” plays and the cool summer evening breeze flows through my loft, I smile at what my ears are hearing.  What a beautiful voice Carly Simon has, I think to myself, so powerful, elegant and very “South Hampton”.  It’s the perfect music to let my pencil draw something very flowy and gypsy-like.  My time lately, has been devoted to designing and music has always played a big part in that whole process.  Depending upon my mood, I play music that will get my juices flowing and it never fails me.

As I anticipate the long process that starting a new business requires, I have been getting to know my banker.  First comes financial structure and meeting with my personal banker to get my monies into their proper accounts and then the paper-monster begins.  I’ve been acquiring all the forms and have almost completed my first draft business plan (with the help of dear ol’ dad).  Although I do have business experience from when I managed a boutique for many years, still it is not my favorite part of running a business.  If I had my way, I would snap my fingers and a highly competent fairy (with a CPA degree) would do all the paper work and financial crap….I mean “duties”.  And all I would be in charge of would be the fun stuff like designing, napping, fluffing, etc. 🙂

©  Pemberton Mackey  2016


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