Thunderstorms, horror movies, etc…

Rain is so BEAUTIFUL - nourishing cities with its tears - I have always dreamt of playing in the rain with my closest friends, soaking up Mother Nature's tears:

We are in the prime of summer storm season and tonight we are expecting a doozie!  Ever since I can remember I have loved the sound of thunder and the smell of rain.  When the skies turn dark blue and everything stands still.  All of a sudden its like God threw buckets of water upon us.  I love to watch the fast falling rain smack the concrete and soon everything is sopped and the streets turn into mini rivers as the water rushes to the nearest gutter and the thunder is music to my ears.  A tremendous clap of thunder makes me jump and the show is on.  The lightning bolts shoot across the sky and then I wait for the thunder to follow.  My grandmother told me when I was a young girl that you could determine how close or far away the storm is and I’ve played that little game in my head whenever I’m in a storm.

thunderstorm  In tornado alley these are a common occurrence. I live in Kansas. All I ask is that there is no hail, damaging winds or tornados. It can rain and thunder and lightening all it wants!:

I know I harbor a dark side.  Not only do I love thunderstorms and wild weather, I love horror movies of all kinds but the ones that are made well and have a fantastic story to follow instead of just slash and gore are my favorites.  That’s why I’m hooked on American Horror Story (great writers) and Jessica Lange plays her roles like the pro she is.  But then I must admit I love the cheesy horror movies too.  I can barely find a girlfriend to watch a horror movie with me……(buk buk, buk….chickens!!!).  My mother and sister cringe when I tell them of a good horror movie I just watched, even my dad looks at me strangely.  I’m sure he’s psychoanalysing me in his psychiatrist mind :p

AHS, this show is ridiculous, but we cant stop watching it. Its cray watch this movie free here:

Ok I hope I didn’t freak you out too much.  In all honesty I believe we all have a dark side, it just so happens mine come on Netflix and in mother nature 🙂

©  Pemberton Mackey  2016

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