My favorite muses…

I look to a lot of people to inspire me, from celebrities to people like you and I.

katharine hepburn:

Katharine Hepburn, a women beyond her time.  I would loved to have met her.  She personifies an independent woman with beauty, brains and brawn. I admired her desire for privacy and to live a life away from the pomp and circumstance of Hollywood.  I refer to Katherine as a warrior, she was a leader and was bound to show she could do anything a man could do.  Katharine loved to hang with the guys and she adored those turtlenecks (me too)!

Before Anna Wintour there was Diana Vreeland - ES Magazine - Life & Style - London Evening Standard

Diana Vreeland held the reins of the powerhouse known as Vogue for many years in the 60’s and 70’s.  Diana’s determination and drive to take Vogue to a level of dominance in the world of fashion was the driving force in her life.  This fashion icon personified class, sophisticated style and a force to be reckoned with, will always inspire me to follow my dreams.

No one can pull off avant garde quite like Tilda Swinton:

Tilda Swinton, what a talented actress.  She shows her shyness or maybe even a little bit of insecurity or vulnerability when not acting and I am attracted to that part of her.  She demonstrates impeccable style and cutting edge fashion enthusiasm with a big hint of masculinity.  She can wear a men’s tux and look absolutely breathtaking.  Her perfect features and almost frail presence is a winning combination which compliments each other and draws all fashion forward individuals to her dynamic style.

Tasya Van Ree:

Tilted.  What a perfect word to describe Tasya Van Ree.  She sees the world through a slightly tilted lens and what comes out of that is pure genius.  Her tough and quiet style shines through in her masculine attire and inspires me nonstop……she’s my girl crush.


Street style always inspires me.  When you lock eyes on someone who (in your opinion) is perfect from head to toe…..Oh I love those ones who have “it” and show “it”.

#Lauren Hutton  white blouse #2dayslook #white style #blousefashion

Lauren Hutton is a rough and tumble fashion icon who gravitates towards a cowboy/tomboy aesthetic .  She can be in the middle of a safari or in a feminine jaw dropping evening gown and she looks comfortable in each of those venues.  Versatility is a perfect description that captures Lauren’s style.  She, too leans towards the masculine and Native American style and you know I LOVE THAT!


Indigenous people live their culture today as they did for centuries.  Uncompromised and proud not to abandon their heritage but to hand down their beautiful traditions to live on forever.  I appreciate the artistic nuances that the fashion industry often borrows from these extremely talented and gifted people.

©  Pemberton Mackey  2016

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