Art Fair Enthusiasts…

Pink swing dress:

What a beautiful morning for an art fair.  It’s quite hot and humid…I love the hot but the humidity can take a hike!  I choose to wear a baggy bag dress and I sneak my swimsuit underneath for a “dip” later.  My dress has huge side pockets and that’s one of the things I look for in just about everything I buy….it must have pockets.  In the summertime I prefer to carry my essentials in pockets.  I love to go light and if I can get away with not carrying any of my gigantic designer bags than it just makes life easier (especially in the heat).  Hair is slicked back in a short pony and to finish my simple look is a fab pair of sunglasses.

Marta Sunglasses in Acetate - Céline:

I always prefer to hit any event (even grocery and Target shopping) as soon as they open….early bird gets the worm, not to mention shopping in minimal crowds and NFK’s 😉  I kiss my babe so long and hop on over to my neighbor’s apartment and knock on the door.  Sutton immediately answers and we give each other a kind hug.  She invites me into her home.  She asks me if I prefer coffee, tea or water.  I tell her tea would be a nice change as she tells me to have a look around while she finishes getting ready.  I stroll her apartment (which is same size as mine with a slightly different layout) and am impressed with her high-end glamorous taste.  I didn’t know what I was expecting but she has impeccable taste with an emphasis on feminine French style.  Bold colors coupled with French provincial furniture with a mix of boho.  The apartment is a hodge-podge of styles but it feels comfortable and doesn’t look odd.  It almost has an old mansion feel to it.  Although our interior styles are very opposite, I do appreciate and enjoy her decor.

Sutton enters the living room and tells me she had a long night last night and over slept this morning.  She goes on to tell me that her son just passed the bar and he just wanted to talk.  “Oh how wonderful….congratulations!”.  She goes on to tell me that she only has one son and now she can finally stop supporting him, she hopes, as she laughs and smiles with relief.

Sutton is in white cotton shorts, that sit just above her knees and a sleeveless v-neck light pullover.  She too chooses not to take a bag and we walk down to the art fair.  Just outside our door we see the white tents lining the streets and the vendors are still putting the final touches on their booth.  We begin to walk slowly up and down the aisles as we enter some tents and Sutton sees something she wants.  It’s a beautiful Indian silk sarong and she says it would look so great on her sofa.  I give her some advise to snap it up, because it may be gone when we come back.  She takes my advise and hands over 100.00 for the bold colored fabric.  I smile and she then says “OK, it’s your turn now” I smile and reply “Oh believe I won’t disappoint” and we stroll down the block.

The temps are still cool and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  I’m so happy we came at this time of the day….I can tell it’s going to be a “cooker”.  There is a slight breeze and I can feel the humidity in the air.  We stop at a smoothie stand and I treat for a cold drink for both of us.  My radar hone in on a booth I see down the street with banners in burnt orange and green turquoise.  I pick up my step excited to see what this booth of my favorite colors has to offer.  We get closed and I see it’s a jewelry artist.  I smile with anticipation and enter slowly and I am greeted by a beautiful Native American women with long shiny black hair in a pony tail and large black felt hat.  She wears no make up (no even lipcolor) and she welcomes me with a soft “good morning”.  I smile and tell her “morning”.  As Sutton and I look at the beautiful sterling silver jewelry.  I tell Sutton that this is where I’m going to buy something.  She smiles and says “Yes, her work is beautiful”.  As I scan all the stunning handmade hammered metals, I see a magnificent concho belt…..I’m almost breathless and I zip over to gaze at the piece while trying not to drool.  The woman asks if I would like to see the belt.  I tell her “Yes, please”.  She unlocks the glass case and takes out the heavy piece of art.  Sutton tells me “It looks like you Pemberton”

Colossal Conchos are worn on the Town after a day on the Trail!:

I try on the belt and I fall in love with it.  I see the price on the back of the concho and am impressed at the reasonable price.  I ask her if I can wear it and if she takes credit cards.  The beautiful women smiles at me and says “Of course”.  I hand over my credit card and Sutton is pleased with my purchase.  I share with her that I have collected Navajo jewels for years and this will make a perfect addition to my belt collection.  I begin to start a conversation with the woman and ask her where she is from.  She tells me Santa Fe, NM and goes on to tell me her family has been making jewelry for generations.  I ask her is she is here alone and she tells me her husband (who made the belt) is getting breakfast.  I told her I would love to meet him and ask her if I can come back to meet him.  She graciously agrees and tells me he will be back in about an hour.  I leave wearing my purchase and my heart is full.

It takes Sutton and I about 3 hours to see everything and Sutton buys a beautiful painting from a New York artist.  I buy a furry little hand puppet for Jax as we find a food truck and enjoy a delicious Mexican lunch – yum!

As we head back home, the heat is unbearable and I just want to get back to air conditioning comfort.  She asks me what my plans are for the rest of the day.  I tell her that once I get home Jax and I are going to walk down to Lake Calhoun and run through the water.  Even though I am a “germaphobe” I will wade into the lake (just so I can wash off as soon as possible).  Jax will dip his little paws into the water but that’s it.  I think he’s just as neurotic as me.   I ask Sutton what her plans are and she tells me she is going to pack to go and visit her son.  He lives in San Francisco, CA and she is flying out tomorrow.  “Wonderful!  I love SF, it’s such a beautiful city”.  She said that’s where they lived, as a family before she moved here.  “Why here?”  I ask.  “My mother was from here and I have fond memories of vacationing at the lake cabin and I always loved this city”.  As I congratulate her again, we depart with a hug and tell her to have “safe travels”.  I smile and wave good-bye.

Jax is waiting not-so-patiently as I take off my new purchase and lay it on my bed, I grab a bottle of Smart Water and a towel as we head for the lake.  People are everywhere and Jax loves the activities that surround us.  Once we get to the shores of Lake Calhoun.  I shed my dress and Jax and I wade ever so carefully into the welcoming cold water.  I love the smell of lake, it’s one of my favorite natural smells along with burning leaves, rain, freshly cut grass and my favorite smell of all was the way Dayton’s department store smelled.  I remember walking through the doors and standing in place to let that smell envelop me, it was indescribable.

In no time I feel the sun burning my shoulders, so I put my dress back on and pick up Jax to wipe his tiny feet.  We walk back to the comfort of our chilly apartment as I examine my magnificent Navajo concho belt….it’s perfect!  Tomorrow I plan on going back to the booth and have the talented artist sign my belt 🙂

©  Pemberton Mackey  2016



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