A knock on the door…


A beautiful summer’s day and I was just about to take Jax for a walk, when there was a knock on my door.  I immediately feel a shiver go up my spine as I freeze like a statue.  Who could that be? I’m not expecting any deliveries…should I answer it or stay frozen in my footsteps?  I take a deep breath and walk softly towards the door and ask “who is it?” and wait.  “Hi, I’m your neighbor.  My name is Sutton.”  I open the door and there stands a lovely women holding a tray of beautiful cupcakes.  I immediately smile and say hello.  She goes on to say that she has seen me  a couple of times and just wanted to introduce herself and bring a little treat for me.  I accept the decadent treats as my saliva glands go bonkers and invite her in.  She confidently and elegantly walks in as I put the gift on the counter.  She tells me she admires my interior design style.  I thank her and tell her “These cupcakes look amazing!  Did you make these yourself?”.  She shakes her head up and down in silence.  “WOW I’m very impressed.  I’m only microwave-trained”.  As we giggle, I smile at her and introduce myself.  “I’m Pemberton” and turn around to introduce Jax, but he’s playing hide and seek.  Just then Jax makes himself known as Sutton bends down to pet Jax and compliments me on his cuteness.  I tell her to make herself comfortable and show her to the living room area.  She asks me if she is interrupting anything and I quickly reply “not at all”.  I offer her something to drink and she tells me water will be fine.  I hand her a bottle of Fiji water and grab one for myself.

Blue and Lavender flower cupcakes | DIY Cupcake Decorating Idea - pretty sure I'd never be able to achieve it, but they're so darn pretty I had to pin it!:


We begin to get to know each other.  Sutton is a 58-year-old widow who has been living in our beautifully restored building for 10 months.  She is a lawyer and is taking time off to decide if she wants to continue to practice law.  She is fascinating, stylish and articulate.  She lives right next door to me and surprisingly I haven’t seen her.  She tells me she’s not much of a  social person (ahhhhhh ha….my twin!).  She tells me her passion is cooking and baking (Oh oh, I’m in trouble now).  “So all those awesome food smells come from your place?”  She shrugs her shoulders than compliments me on my fashion style and I return the compliment.  Sutton is dressed in a crisp white button down shirt tucked into black slacks and ballerina flats (Chanel).  She looks like a lawyer to me.  She wears her silver-gray hair in a bob which looks perfectly couffed.  Her make up looks professionally done and I admire her eyelashes, she confides in me that they are extensions that she gets glued on and has to get touched up every other week…..cool.  She becomes quite interested in  my plans to open a fashion design business and I shared my dream with her.  I, too confided in her that I’m on a bit of a sabbatical myself before jumping into this business venture.  She asks if we can get together again and tells me she doesn’t really have any friends since moving here.  I happily agreed and suggested to do something this weekend.  We plan on attending the art fair that is happening in our neighborhood.


Sutton smiles and tells me she doesn’t want to take up any more of my time.  I tell her I’ve enjoyed meeting her and am looking forward to devouring those cupcakes and our art fair date on Saturday.

Sutton reaches and squeezes my hand, smiles, bids me farewell and winks at Jax. 🙂

Now time for some serious exercise….Jax and I go for a jog around Lake Calhoun 😉


©  Pemberton Mackey 2016

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