I woke up on the sofa with Jax snuggled up right to my face, touching my nose.  We watched all the AHS episodes missed and I guess we dozed off.  I first give my baby a sweet kiss and then stretch, when I look at Jax who mimics momma and stretches his tiny little legs 🙂  I get up to make a cup of coffee and threw on a pair of shorts and a hoodie, while wrapping my morning hair into a sloppy pony tail.  I grab the leash and we take a quick little jog.

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I text mom and ask her if she would like me to drive and she texted “…no darling, b @ ur place @ 11:00 (Emoji kiss)”.  My mom is super cool, soft, patient, whip smart and drop dead beautiful and one of the most polite people I’ve ever known.  I find myself trying to mimic her in every way…she’s a true gem (no wonder my dad snapped her up the first time he laid eyes on her).  As I do my morning ritual and slip into my MOA duds, I double-check my map to see what awaits us.

Arts & Science Driving Jacket:




Black Stripe Wrap Top:




Navajo pearls ~love the patina of the jewelry and how it is photographed with the soft patina of aged wood.:

I, like my mother have always been on the chilly side, even in the midst of summer, you can find my mom in a sweater and maybe even a scarf to boot!  I don’t go to that extreme but I did grab a summer car coat (just in case).  I love to be comfy and my closet shows it, so I choose a cool pair of funky linen trousers, a black and white striped linen wrap shirt (with a muscle T underneath), comfortable Celine slip-ons and lastly I pick a few vintage Navajo Pearls and squash blossom earrings to complete my MOA look.  My brick colored nails and toes look super chic with my ultra-casz shopping outfit.

I see mother’s car pull up as I text her I’ll be down in a minute.  I give my baby, Jax a kiss and hug (he knows mommy is going somewhere without him so he gives out a few whimpers).  Out the door I go and enter mom’s car to see she is snuggled in a sweater with a scarf (what did I tell you :)).  I reach over to give her a kiss and away we go…


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Mom colors her thick hair a platinum white and it fits her to a tee.  I haven’t started coloring (yet) but I do pull the white hairs when I see them.  I’m not afraid of aging.  I happen to think the elder generation is beautiful and now days I see so many women who embrace their true age and go with it….I want to be like that!

As mom manuevers the highways and exits we finally arrive and park in the Bloomingdale’s parking lot. We enter the doors of the biggest mall in our country and mom and I look like it’s 30 degrees outside as we pass the crowds of people in short shorts, tub tops and flip-flops.  I’m sure people are looking at us thinking we must be visiting from the North Pole!

Mother leads the way as she makes a bee line to the shoe department “Mom you read my mind!!!”.  Although mom is used to wearing heels of all heights, we both prefer comfort over anything.  I find a sweet pair of espadrilles as mom tries on a pair of Louboutin heels.  Not even 100 feet into the first store and I’m already carrying a bag…pace yourself  Pem 🙂


My mother was a fashion model as her career and mainly for a major department store in Minneapolis.  Her legs are her best physical asset besides her beautiful face.  I wish my legs were as long as mom’s – almost but not quite.  I’m 5’9″ and my mom is a just shy of 6 feet.  My dad is 5’10” so when mom would wear high heels she would tower over dad but neither of them worried about such non-important things.  Mom’s legs are still so amazingly stunning and when she is in heels….it takes my breath away.

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Mom passes on the Louboutin’s and tells me it’s time for something to drink.  We head for the Caribou Coffee cart for some freshly brewed coffee.  We take a seat and people watch while we chit chat.  I make my opinions known while as the crowds of people pass us.  Mother, on the other hand, always keeps her opinions to herself.  I don’t think i’ve ever heard her say anything nasty about another person.  We are both animal lovers and will always volunteer for a great cause.  After the people watching we discuss what stores are a must to visit.  We map out our journey and get it on!

Lex has been using Keihl’s products ever since I can remember and has turned me into a Keihl’s lover too, thus our next stop; Keihl’s.  We walk through the doors and the smell of the store makes me stop in my tracks and take a deep breath in.  Mom stocks up on her favorite Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream.  Lex and I have extremely oily skin on our face but my mother has always taken that extra step to keep her skin hydrated.  I have just started to take better care of my skin from head to toe and I’m following my mentor’s steps by using everything she uses on her skin – head to toe.  Although my mom never suffered from acne, i do ;/  My acne, strangly started when I was in my early twenties.  Ever since I discovered Proactiv I’ve been using it daily as a facial cleanser and zit zapper cream (which is always in my make-up bag).  So I hop on over to the Proactiv store and do my stocking up.

After hours of strolling the mall and buying little things here and there, our final destination is Nordstroms  (my fav!!!!).  This is where I really drop some serious coin 🙂

After our super shopping spree in Nordy’s.  We haul our shopping bags back to the Bloomingdales parking lot and fill up mom’s trunk and back seat with fun new purchases!  We high five each other as mom closes the trunk and hug each other.  “Do you have energy to come over for dinner Pem?”  I politely decline the offer….all I want to do is unload and get home to revel in all my new stuff…..Thanks MOA, will be back again soon.

Mall of America (Bloomington, Minnesota)  Over 500 stores..Biggest indoor theme park.  7 acre complex...4 levels .......WOW:


©  Pemberton Mackey  2016


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