Pretty little nails with BIG color…


peachy keen:

I love to pamper myself when I do my own mani/pedi.  I’m not a nail salon kind of girl.  I like to keep my nails at a “reasonable” length.  I’ve tried the “talon” length and I literally could not do one thing and don’t even ask about how I maneuvered the bathroom duties ;/  It was a challenge and comical at the same time!

Usually I like to have my fingernails to match my toenails and I love unique color.  It’s like my nails are smiling and saying “look at me, look at me” without saying a word.  Whenever I’m at Ulta I scan the newest colors.  I usually stay in the same palates.  Lately I’ve been a blue kick in all shades, my most fav is a periwinkle blue….how cool 🙂  Hey this color would look sensational with blue lip color…..someday!

Polish or Perish: Pretty Periwinkle - Essie Boxer Shorts:

OPI Germany Collection "Schnapps Out of It" Fantastic Fall Color!:

I finally settle on a rich brick color.  Just as I finish putting my top clear coat on, my phone rings.  It Lex, she wants to know if I’m up to conquer the MOA (Mall of America) tomorrow.  Perfect!  I haven’t been to the MOA in ages and have several stores I want to visit.  Look out MOA, two fashionistas are about to make you smile!

I Googled the layout of the massive mall and highlight the stores I want to visit.  Lex and I have a similar fashion style so it will be fun to shop with her again.  Usually I go by myself, unless the friend is into the same aesthetic I’m into….makes shopping even more enjoyable 😉

Time to put the final coat on my nails.  I love the quick drying top coats, no more walking on your heels with cotton balls between your toes.

I head to my closet to choose an outfit that is “shopping friendly”, ease of movement, comfy flats, nothing heavy and pants with pockets, so I don’t have to lug one of my huge designer bags, just lipstick, credit card, ID and my trusty map.

With my MOA outfit all laid out it’s time to relax, I turn on the TV to catch up on my favorite Netflix series…..American Horror Story!  I love horror, thrillers and sci-fi movies.  I truly make my mom wonder where the heck I got my taste in movies from.  Jax and I snuggle on my squishy sofa and hunker down with a big bowl of popcorn as we watch the amazing Jessica Lange….she plays her part so perfectly….rock on AHS!!!


©  Pemberton Mackey 2016


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