Organizing, Pemberton style…

As I look at the mountain of Target bags that sit on my living room floor along side bulk toilet paper (Scott – my fav!) and toweling (Bounty select size- my fav!) packages, I begin getting ready and I decide to stay in my robe and slippers to conquer the stock-age that awaits…  “OK! Get ready loft, I’m about to go ape-shit on your ass!”  OCD style. 😉

see want shop:

Cloud Slipper - Urban Outfitters (i KIND OF need these!):


Jax snoozes quietly on his favorite puffy pillow bed.  As I prepare by looking into each bag to see where the contents belong; bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and Jax’s area.  I carry each bag to it’s final destination then the real fun begins.  I grab my kitchen scissors and start with the bathroom.  Bathrooms have always been one of my favorite rooms.  It must be LARGE, I mean almost the size of a bedroom and have lots of drawers and cupboards for all the things a girl needs.  I mean, we (girls) do have a lot of stuff and most of it, I prefer, to be hidden, out of sight, but also have easy access so you’re not opening cupboard after drawer to find something.  It must also require good lighting, no artificial lighting, natural light is the best.  And lastly, it must have a large tub and shower with good water pressure.

About a year ago when I was in Chicago I found this amazing organizing store and spent a small fortune on drawer dividers, the most awesome closet and drawer sachets, linen pocket hangers that hang on the back of a cupboard door.  These little linen pouch pockets hold an enormous amount of stuff  and they are so sheer you can see through them without having to dig for stuff.  You notice I use the word “stuff” a lot, its only because I haven’t found another word that describes the things I own….it’s stuff 🙂

The reason I grabbed my trusty kitchen scissors is because I try and de-box and clip tags off of everything I put away. Next is the kitchen were I place all toxic cleansers under the kitchen sink along with a hardy basket that holds all the tools a girl would need; screwdrivers, pliers, nails & screws, tapes of every kind, wrench, flashlights, etc.

Food is not stocked like my non-perishable items.  I only keep 2 jugs of soymilk, some fruit and vegetable (love to steam veggies) and my freezer semi-full of frozen entrees.  The only kitchen items I keep well-stocked is my water.  I go through water, well like water!  I always have at least ten, one liter-6 packs of Smart Water.  I was at a junk market once and saw this beautiful, old galvanized funnel which had to have come from an old feed mill.  I spontaneous snapped up this enormous piece of metal knowing it’s purpose immediately.  It was pristine and perfect to hold my large bottles of water – viola!!!  It now sits at the end of my kitchen counter with two pillows stuffed in the bottom, the rest are bottles of water.  It almost looks like a large cone-shaped, vase holding a Smart Water flower 🙂

As I put the final items in their proper space. I make sure all labels are facing front (something all OCD people do).  I gaze around my place and notice no difference, that’s because everything is snugged away from view.  I open each cupboard to make sure everything looks clean and sharp.  I smile as I see my organizing is complete.  Jax’s little food and water area is also stocked with “poop” bags, food, treats, new toys and his hairbrush.

I don’t know why I’m freakishly organized and why it means so much to me.  I can’t seem to dwell on ridiculous things like, knowing that I only have 10 rolls of toilet paper on hand, or that I opened the second to the last jar of Oil of Olay face cream.  Why do some people go in completely different directions when it comes to how they live their lives?  I guess no one can honestly answer that question.  All I know is this is the way I have to live and even more importantly, want to live.  It gives me a sense of safety and actually helps me with my over-anxious mind.  I can’t imagine a life of unorganized chaos.  I would go mad in short period of time!  Some of you will read this and think to yourself; WOW, she’s got problems!  I guess I do but I would rather have a compulsion for keeping stocked, rather than having a gambling or drug habit.  I want to be an organized “addict” and have everything I need at my reach and of course in it’s proper place 🙂

I keep a list on my fridge that holds the things I need to keep stocked and it’s never blank.  It’s not that I’m out of anything (I don’t believe that has ever happened), I just need to keep my quota on all things in my home.  I think my mentor Martha would be very proud, or at least relate to my obsession for organizing ;D

© Pemberton Mackey 2016

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