…Favorite girlfriend, Sachi…


As I gaze out my window waiting for the always-late Sachi.  I’m still in “hat-mode”, wearing the first hat I purchased many, many moons ago.  Ah ha, I see her shiny black Mercedes convertible with her gorgeous, long auburn hair flowing like she’s in a hair color commercial.  I run downstairs to greet my friend.  We embrace with smiles and giggles. I compliment her on her fashionably late arrival and she admires my hat.  We take the elevator up to the 7th floor as we chat continuously and finally we enter my loft.  Sachi stands and takes it all in….”it’s so you Pem!  I love it!!!”  Sachi reaches into her designer bag and hands me an elegant box with a large white ribbon which holds one of my favorite Versace candles.  I give her a heartfelt hug and thank her.  We smile as Jax runs into the room from God knows where and wiggles as if he’s going into a seizure (he’s always had a secret crush on Sachi).  Sachi picks up Jax and he licks her feverishly.  I show Sachi around my loft and confuse it does need a few more crucial pieces as she makes a beeline to my closet (in true Sachi fashion).  She congratulates me on my grand closet.  She goes on to tell me she could live in my closet.  We flip through my clothing and she begins trying on my shoes (which are about 4 sizes too big for her).  Sachi is a petite 5 feet and her shoe size is an unbelievable size 5, I’m BIG FOOT at a size 9.  After playing dress up, we gather on the patio and I pour her a glass of wine, while we gaze at the city skyline.  We giggle and talk about the good ol days as she tells me all about her latest husband and that this one will be the last, she goes onto say she’s tired of the convoluted, ridiculous wedding “crap”.  She admits if her current marriage goes south, the next marriage will be in Vegas!  She asks how I am after the divorce, I confess that I’m the happiest I’ve been in a very long time.  She nods in agreement (Sachi is on her 4th marriage) and professes that I will find my greatest love someday.  I share with her I’m not ready to get involved with anyone for a while.

We begin to discuss the plans for my fashion design business and Sachi, as always, gives her blessings and tells me if I need her help she’s only a text away.  She further informs me that she would be happy to finance my business venture…..hmmmm  something to think about.  I smile and grab her hand and tell her that I’m fine for now, she winks back at me as we talk for another couple of hours like high school girls on a sleep over.

I love Sachi, she is the total opposite of me so we balance each other out.  She prefers the “large bling” jewelry and always in stilettos.  While I am in moccasins, baggy ragged jean shorts and an oversized V-neck pullover summer sweater with a t-shirt underneath and an old felt hat.  Side by side we look like we come from different planets.  It’s all about different style aesthetics….it’s what make the fashion world go round and round. 🙂

Note: Sachi has accumulated a sizeable fortune from her past three marriages.  She has always been a magnet to money, that silly girl ;D



© Pemberton Mackey 2016

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