Sometimes I’m the Marlboro Girl…

Pointy boots for the win #style #fashion #shoes:

Let me be the first to say…I am the furthest thing from a “bad-ass” but I love the look.  Whenever I put on my pointed toe booties I can’t help but feel I’m transforming into a much more confident person who looks the part. I feel like I carry myself differently and walk with a slower step.  My boots combined with skinny jeans, a RL Denim & Supply t-shirt with a print of a powerful Native American Indian Chief and one of my Navajo Concho belts with just the perfect patina, a Stetson hat I found at a flea market and to finish the look a worn-out canvas backpack (another flea market find).  I must admit my love for masculine attire.  I slip in one of my favorite blues CD’s to further get in the groove and dance to an audience of Jax 😛  He knows mama is a goofball.

To keep my closet filled with “unisex” sharp pieces, I shop in the men’s department and sometime skip the women’s department completely.  Men’s fashion suits me and I’ve always been drawn to it.  Their look is oh so easy and almost effortless.  I have always been a huge admirer of Tasya Van Ree.  Her art, photography and those amazing hats have fascinated me for years!  She is the one who turned me onto hats and I love to wear them.  Her sense of style is always inspiring, you could say she is my muse.  I always seem to gravitate towards people who show who they are and almost flaunt their individualism.  Tilda Swinton is another muse of mine, her stellar style is something to be admired.  I have so many amazing individuals that I admire for their bravery to go through this life making an unintentional statement just by being who they are….Power to the unique and bold!

Tasya Van Ree:


vintage concho belts:

Tilda Swinton Is Just Doing The Damn Thing On The Best-Dressed List:

First stop is Fed Ex to pick up a load of premier Irish Linen.  For now I only buy in low quantities for my sample designs, but the bolts are long and heavy!  So I load the 5 large packages into my Jeep and head on to conquer my other errands.  After giving my patronage to the post office, dry cleaners, Ulta and a quick stop at the floral shop just a few blocks from my place, I’m home sweet home and Jax couldn’t be happier (my little fella :))  I grab the leash and away we go for a short walk to relieve Jax and give him a bit of exercise.  Once home I put my beautiful flowers into a glass vase…….I love peonies, their delicate pedals which explode with a fragrance that blows my mind!


Time for cheese and crackers, onto the patio Jax and I go.  I grab my sketchbook and enjoy the fresh air while listening to the sounds of the city.  My urban lifestyle is mesmerizing; the sights, sounds and smells are infused all around and surround me like a cozy blanket.  There’s nothing better!

© Pemberton Mackey 2016

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