Holiday Saturday & the city is buzzin…




Silver Navajo Buckle:


Dries Van Noten at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012:




Malinda handmade leather bag. I love this worn leather!:


It’s the Saturday before Independence Day and I have decided to hit the streets (with Jax of course).  We begin our journey on Hennepin and Lake Street and window shop.  Soon we are at the door of CB2, as we cross the threshold we are greeted with a smile.  I return the smile and tell the lovely sales girl, I love their store, which brings her closer and I tell her that I’m on the hunt for a table or two and she anxiously shows me the tables that are perfectly placed within the store.  At that point I tell her I’ll have a look-see and she graciously leaves me to shop in peace (love that!).  I zero in on a counter height table with a super cool copper top and long sleek legs.  I always have to keep in mind that Jax IS a dog and he loves to chew, especially on new home items, so I have to lean towards pieces that are “chew resistant”.  This lovely table with work well in my home, its tall enough to add 2 stools for business consults (I anticipate down the road) and this piece will be a welcome addition to my design table to hold misc. things that always seem to build up…mail, bills ;/ fashion magazines, even a place to write emails on my laptop….perfect.  I ask the salesperson to deliver and she happily agrees 🙂

Now Jax and I walk towards the Lyn-Lake area and marvel at all the unique little shops that line Lake Street.  We enter a beautiful shop that holds lovely handmade jewelry…I think I’ve died and gone to jewelry heaven.  Everything is so unique and meticulous.  Soon I hone in on a case that holds only “dog jewelry”.  I’m smitten, when I come across a perfect little silver Yorkie charm with a long simple sterling silver chain. Once I try it on it stays around my neck, then I buy Jax a new name tag (I think to myself; new home, new tag), he sniffs it and gives his approval.  The owner engraved his name on his new name tag and we both leave wearing our latest purchases.

Lunch time and the bistros and restaurants are filled with lovers, friends, families and the loners, like Jax and me.  We grab a small table on the outdoor patio of a small café  and enjoy a delicious lunch of spinach dip with a small bread bowl and a large coffee with soy milk and 2 Splenda (my usual).  The server brings a small bowl of water for Jax and he laps it up clean!  Time to walk back home as Jax and I peruse the shops on the opposite side of the street…fun!

Once home I stop and get my mail (which I’ve been neglecting due to my phobia of bills…) and it’s full with bills ;/, advertising junk and a couple of cards from my pals who still believe in snail mail.  I too, love to write the occasional card, what a nice surprise to brighten someone’s day.

Nap time for us.  I’ve always been lucky enough to take naps when needed.  There is nothing better than waking up and feeling re-energized.  After I slam one liter of Smart Water in a sufficient amount of time.  I’m ready to take on the rest of the day.  I leave Jax to continue his nap and I freshen up my face, put my favorite Clinique color on my lips and out the door I go.  I hop into my black Jeep Sport and emerge from the underground parking and squeeze into the holiday traffic.  My destination is Target…am I crazy to do this on probably the busiest holiday Saturday of the year???…YES I am! But I need stuff 😉  Once I pull into the Super Target parking lot which looks like The Beatles have reunited and are in concert, I get a text from my mom, Lex.  She wants to make sure I am coming over for dinner and to watch the fireworks which I did for most of my life.  There is nothing better than watching the fireworks from the peace and quiet of my parent’s enormous veranda on Lake Minnetonka.  I replied, “Be there will bells on!!  Love Love Love you guys”.  OK time to meld with the crowds that seem like half the city’s population – ugh.  I have my list in hand as I grab a big red shopping cart and away I go.  Yes, I’m a list maker for just about everything….remember totally OCD, that me.  I’m with Chelsey Handler when she uses the acronym “NFK”  I’ll leave you to figure out what that means..;).  I always write my list according to the layout of the store (God help me, I know I’m sick!).  I want to get in and out as soon as possible, so I zip by the oh-so-slow-peeps that are walking around like they are in a museum or zero gravity.  In and out of the isles I go, grabbing my items, and when I come across an isle that is clear of traffic, I stop to see what is left on my list.  Perfect!  I made my Target hit at an amazing time of 23 minutes and managing to put 255.00 on my red card.  Slam!  I fill my big red Target bags with as much stuff as possible, but end up getting several more bags of stuff before I fill my Jeep with bag after bag….so much fun, can’t wait to get home and do my thing….ORGANIZE 🙂  Finally back in the safety and solitude of my Jeep, the only words that run through my mind is…



© Pemberton Mackey 2016

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