Lips were made for lipstick…



It's Friday  definitely a rock-a-bold-lipstick sorta day! We  this musky rose tone matte lip... Liquid Velvet in 'Smitten'. Double Tap if you  #Ciate #LiquidVelvet #Mattelip #LiquidLipstick by ciatelondon:


Who doesn’t wish for full, plump, luscious lips?  I know I do, so much so I’ve tried lip fillers, lip plumper creams and tricks with makeup but I guess I just wasn’t blessed with BIG LIPS.  I’ve even contemplated getting implants but good sense kicked in.  I think I’ll wait another 2 decades until I go under the knife.  So I make do with lip liners and my favorite choice of lipstick….matte finish.  It’s so completely sophisticated to me, almost like you cut a picture of perfect lips from a fashion magazine and glued them onto your face.  They are worthy of the highest praise, in my humble opinion.  I may be simple or even boring but I use my lips to show a palate of bright and bold colors.  Almost like my lips are my alter-ego.  I remember seeing a beautiful (much younger) women wearing bright blue lip color and she looked spectacular!  I admire people who think outside the box and show their style with pride without a second thought about what people will say….I’m with you guys!

Riches for Rags:


Whenever I am in a department store or mall I always make a stop at the cosmetic counter to check out new colors and sample a few.  I almost never leave without one (or 4) new color to add to my colossal collection of lip colors.  I don’t think most people realize the importance of lip color.  To me, it has to make a statement.  No matter if I’m in my super casz mode or going out on the town.  My lips sometimes enter an establishment before I do 🙂  My favorite lip colors come from a number of different cosmetic companies.  I prefer high quality lipstick and normally stay with Mac, Urban Decay, Clinique, etc.  I am anxious to try Kylie Jenner’s new lip line and Linda Rodin’s new Olio Lusso line of lip colors.  Linda Rodin has always been a favorite of mine for her simple, yet elegant presence.  She always looks pulled together fashionably and always seems to be wearing some fabulous deep rich color on her lips…..Love her style

sneakers and pearls, wear your red lipstick and go get them, always trending.png:

Lips will always be a wonderous and stunning way to show off who you are.  You never know you may just catch me sipping coffee wearing that beautiful bright blue lip color……ou la la!


blue lips wearing Bae Cake Lip Whip, a liquid matte lipstick from


©  Pemberton Mackey 2016


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