Making a home sweet HOME…

making my home sweet home

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood but I have tons to do to make my home a real home.  No more enjoying my patio, for now anyway.  My boxes finally arrived, so before unloading all my stuff, I cleaned the my loft from top to bottom (not one of my favorite things to do but OH how I love a sparkling clean home).  OK, good thing I’m organized enough (or maybe paranoid enough) to have marked each box with a made up symbol.  I made up a symbol list that only I can read, so nosey parkers will not know what is in each box…you never know!  First to open are my clothing boxes, which are numerous but so much fun.  A warmhearted smile comes to my face as I unpack my wardrobe and see my favorite pieces from such brilliant designers; Stella McCartney, Chloe, Ralph, Rachel Zoe, Vera Wang, Haider Ackerman, Jil Sander…I could go on and on.  I love to organize anything but especially my closets.  I’m a type A personality, so I color coordinate my clothes, which isn’t too difficult, since most of my clothing are shades of whites, tans, pastels, browns and black.  I don’t own anything red, purple, yellow, royal blue or magenta – those colors don’t like me and the feeling’s mutual.  Nor, do I own anything with swirling prints….remember I’m one with simple taste, solid colors and maybe a striped nautical top is good enough for me.  Another must in my closet are good hangers.  I use Joy Mangano’s Huggable Hangers ONLY, no plastic hangers for this girl ;p  I also hang all my jeans on clip hangers.  Strange to some, but I prefer to look at my jeans on hangers, no creases and easy to dry.  To me, there is nothing better than slipping into an air-dried pair of jeans.  My jeans are also hung by color; dark wash, light wash, distressed, and down right ragged.  I’m lucky that my loft has a walk-in closet that is as big as a second bedroom – smart design, must have been a woman 😀

A few hours later, I have all my clothes on hangers and I stand back as I inspect from a distance….”perfect!” Just then Jax comes in with his favorite stuffed alligator in his mouth which tells me its play time.  After a short walk and paying some attention to Jax, it’s back to unpacking.  But before I begin, I make myself a toasted bagel with loads of cream cheese (I love cream cheese, I could eat it with a spoon!) and an enormous second cup of coffee as I relax on my patio while Jax lies on my feet (he loves that). Now it’s time to unpack the totes and bags, scarves, jewelry, lingerie and the 3 huge boxes that just hold my shoes, boots and heels ;o  Not only do I put ALL my clothing on hangers, I also put my boots on hangers.  I found these groovy super strong clip hangers, specially made for all types of boots….love them, great find!  My walk in closet offers lots of built-in drawers, enough to house my undies, socks, tights, yoga outfits and sweaters that don’t do well on hangers.  It even has a couple of glass drawers for jewelry.  I don’t think I could have designed this closet any better.

Once my priority closet is complete, I begin to tackle the other boxes which hold memorabilia, books, table lamps,  wall art, silverware, utensils, one frying pan and one sauce pan (I don’t do much cooking) and other trinkets that make a home a home.  I place my pieces strategically to make my almost bare living room look Japanese chic.  I loathe clutter and you will never see me on Hoarders Buried Alive!  My philosophy is less is more.  Why fill your space with junk that doesn’t serve a purpose.  I guess you could call me a lover of lots of open space, yah, I love space.

Last thing to do is hang my twelve spectacular photo prints of American Indian Chiefs from Ojibwe, Navajo, Sioux and Coast Salish (to name a few). They are very large and have a glorious tea-stain finish…they are my most favorite art.  Native American Art is stunningly beautiful and I’ve always been drawn to it.

At last the sun is setting and I am finished. I fall onto my squishy sofa and watch Jax as he tears the wrapping paper into a zillion pieces…at least that kept him busy for the day.  Now its time to haul all those boxes and wrapping paper to the recycle bin downstairs.  As I enter my loft from my last run to the dumpster, I marvel at my new home, everything in its place and looking fab.  Although I am in need of a coffee table, end tables and cushions for my patio.  I would love to get a large fire pit too….I tell myself, later Pem, later, you have the rest of your life 🙂

After a long hot shower, I make myself a Lean Cuisine microwave dinner and enjoy it with a glass of ginger ale.  I’m not much of a drinker, my addiction is fashion!  To unwind and calm my nerves, there is my nightly Xanax 😉  Sweet dreams and good night all.


©  Pemberton Mackey 2016

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