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I thought you may be wondering who this Pemberton character is, so let me tell you about myself.  I am recently divorced and have no children (they make me incredibly nervous) but I do have a Yorkie, named Jax.  Jax is my constant companion and small enough to fit in all my bags, so he’s easily concealed 🙂  We go everywhere together and he knows when to keep ‘hush hush’, so I (mommy) won’t get scolded by customers in a restaurant or bookstore.  His IQ is sky-high! and we work well together, almost like Sherlock & Dr. Watson…we are family.

I’ve always been fascinated with fashion and from a very young age I have dreamed about owning my own fashion design business.  But sometime life takes us in a different direction and our dreams get put on the back-burner for some reason or another.  Now at age 39, I feel secure enough to at least attempt this lifelong dream of mine.  I have a lovely family; mom, dad and one sibling, who all live in the Minneapolis area so I never feel alone.

While I was married I worked for an exclusive boutique as store manager and I loved it.  I would attend fashion markets with the owner and learned the ins and outs of fashion…from manufacture to retail.  I became so good at my buying skills that I was sent to markets by myself and sometimes I invited the assistant manager of the store.  I felt so confident, not a feeling I was ever really accustomed to.  I am actually very shy and love to be alone with Jax.  I’ve never considered myself a “people person” but I have no problem interacting with anyone (except kids).  I get nervous around strangers and battle with panic and anxiety issues.  But I am one thing and that is INDEPENDENT!  Don’t know if that’s a curse or a blessing but that’s me; shy, insecure, anxious and independent with a fierce passion for fashion….what a combo!


My fashion aesthetic is simple, comfortable, chic, fun and sophisticated.  I don’t care for the constricting attire or form-fitting, skin-tight anything, although I do feel these pieces are necessary and I do use them from time to time.  I LOVE turtlenecks and oversized anything.  Maybe it’s a confidence-thing.  I just feel so much better underneath an oversized piece of clothing, plus it fits my personality to a tee.  I’m not much to pile on the makeup either.  I only wear light eye makeup and really nothing on this rest of my face due to having extremely oily skin I inherited from my dear mother.  I used to be so embarrassed when I was in high school and all my girlfriends had dry flawless skin, not a bit of oil.  I wanted to have their complexion, but my mother would tell me “don’t curse your oily skin…you’ll thank it someday”.  Which I couldn’t actually believe would happen.  So powder is out of the question, I go naked 🙂  One thing I do religiously wear is lip color.  I ADORE LIPSTICK! and I never go anywhere without dabbing my lips in beautiful bright color.  As for accessories, I take the minimal approach.  I loves scarves and use them in many ways.  Jewelry is minimal as well, I prefer silver to gold and have a passion for collecting vintage dead pawn Navajo silver anything!  My collection of old Navajo Concho belts don’t get much rest, I wear them constantly with rugged, holey jeans to high fashion outfits and they look amazing.  And lastly, fragrance.  I have my morning routine; shower with my favorite bath gel, body lotion, Oil of Olay on my neck and around my eyes, then out comes the 10x magnifying mirror to look for wild eyebrow hairs and to be honest I check the peek-a-boo nose hairs and clip if needed.  I always spray my favorite designer perfume before getting dressed for a subtle hint of beautiful white flowers.  Then it’s to my wardrobe to choose a most appropriate outfit for the day.  Depending on what my plans from super casz to business to formal.


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That’s me.  Far be it for me to assume there are a lot of women out there that are exactly like me, but I do hope you can relate to one or more of my personal traits.  Thanks for coming along on my journey and I hope you enjoy the ride…….XOXOXO Pem.

©  Pemberton Mackey 2016

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