Stretching My Legs…

I woke up with an adventerous tickle to explore my new neighborhood.  Jax and I took a long stroll around Lake Calhoun and Jax was amazed by the water fowl that seemed unphased by him, he barked to get their attention then turned his head sideways – cute.  Jax and I stopped in a local coffee shop as we sat outside and enjoyed our people watching.  Jax always gets a lot of attention, he’s used to it and happily accepts all the ooouuuuus and ahhhhhs from strangers – he knows he’s a handsome and charismatic little devil.

Once back at the loft Jax decided to take a long nap as I prepared myself to peruse the unique boutiques that await my visit.  First I decide on a comfy pair of espadrilles wedges, combined with one of my favorite pair of Levi jeans and black ballet top and away I went…

Four hours later and only toting two bags from my fashion excursion, I found my favorite stores and made friends with the salesgirls (which is always a good practice to do).  I fantasized about someday these very stores would carry my designs.  I couldn’t wait to try on my new Cardigan Wrap Coat made of cashmere and alpaca lamb, simply marvelous!  I also secured a funky pair of elastic flats.




Tomorrow my personal belonging are scheduled to arrived and I’m excited.  I feel naked without my long time standards; my design table along with my library of drawings, books, keepsakes and ALL my clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.  In the meantime, Jax and I decide to make a trek to Lund’s Marketplace to stock my kitchen with food.  I grab two large knit bag that can expand to carry loads of good stuff.  As I strolled the isles picking and choosing with Jax poking his head from my Stella Bag.  Jax is such a poised dog, he’s happy and content and I look at him as another human, he’s that intelligent.  As I check out I fill my knit bags with the lightweight items and ask the rest to be delivered….what an awesome store Lund’s is!

Back home Jax and I settle down and relax while I put in a Marvin Gaye CD and sketch some fashion designs,  then fall into a slumber of bliss and happiness.


© Pemberton Mackey 2016

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