Settling In…

The Loft…

I’ve always wanted to live in the Uptown area since I was a little girl growing up in Wayzata.  There is something about inner city living that excites me and fills me with inspiration.  I looked at several living options when I decided to lay down roots in the heart of Uptown. I wanted to be in the middle of everything and when I was shown this loft with its 14 foot ceilings, hardwood floors, exposed brick, mezzanine level kitchen, a walk out patio (big enough to entertain guests) with a stellar view of the magnificent skyline of the city, I was hooked!  So much room to make this space my own.  First things first; furniture, the basics only.  I placed an indulgent order for a Rachael Ashwell T-arm Squishy Sofa, Large Squishy Chair and a Grand Chaise….tah dah!  OMG! did I really just spend that much money?  I feel nauseous ;/

White sofa for your living room trends. See also:

The following day after a long nights sleep I finally convinced myself that the monstrous amount of money I dished out yesterday for my furniture was an investment, nothing more, nothing less.  Now comes the really fun part, stocking up with the essentials needed to further make this pad my very own.  More online shopping for Eileen Fisher linen bedding, towels and my favorite rugs from Dash & Albert.  I think that will do it for the time being on the furniture and home essentials, after all I have a business to build.

RugStudio presents Dash And Albert Speckle Grey Hand-Tufted, Good Quality Area Rug, 8' X 10':

With the lease signed and the new furniture arranged just right I now have my very own space!  My Yorkie, Jax is sniffing around every corner and decides he loves the new squishy chair and now believes that’s his bed.  I await for the boxes to be delivered with my personal belongings as Jax and I sit on the patio and overlook this beautiful and fascinating city which is our new home.

Lunch with Lex…

My mother, Lex is a former model who worked very hard making her career as the face of Dayton’s Department store in downtown Minneapolis.  Such fond memories I have of her taking my sister and me along to her fashion shoots.  Lex is a loving and always supportive force in my life.  She and dad were married in Paris, France and immediately purchased a home in Wayzata, MN on the shores of Lake Minnetonka where I grew up with love and direction.  It feels so good to be only a short drive away from them now.

Old Daytons in Mpls.  Miss you, Daytons!  Such shopping and window displays.:

Dayton’s Department Store….back in the good ol’ days…

Driveways & Entries - Photo Thread - - The world's #1 site for luxury home connoisseurs:

Dad was a Psychiatrist and had a private practice.  Together they acquired quite the fortune, both very money savvy and worked very hard to have what they have today.

A Feminine Tomboy:

I decide to make a delicious bread-less sandwich for our lunch.  Food!  Yes, groceries are needed.  So Jax and I walk just a short block to Lunds Marketplace (where you can purchase anything from the finest crystal to mustard) and buy some fresh picked asparagus, rich, ripe tomatoes and mother’s favorite cheese, brie.  I pick up a large carton of fresh strawberries to nibble on after lunch.  At home I prepare the special dressing and steam the asparagus, then refrigerate for an hour while I shower and tidy up.

Mom arrives looking like the model she is, as she scoops up Jax and carries him around the loft to make sure I have everything I need.  She gives her approval and makes some welcomed suggestions for my new home.  After lunch mom mentions she’s going downtown later to buy a gift for a friend and asks if I’d like to join her……ah yaha!!!

Away we drive to the beautiful heart of downtown Minneapolis, I marvel at new architecture and think to myself how much it has changed from when I was a little girl. We stroll the Nicollet Mall and admire the open markets of fresh produce and beautiful flowers.  We end our journey where it all began for my mother the beautiful building that once was Dayton’s Department Store.  We look at each and grin and simultaneously take off our ‘pretend’ hats and throw them in the air with a jump holding each others hand and smile, just like MTM did at the opening of her television show.  As the masses of people look at us with smiles of approval…….I’ve arrived, I think to myself….I’ve arrived 🙂

....right in front of the best department store of all time- Dayton's in downtown Minneapolis.:

©  Pemberton Mackey 2016

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